Tea Glory 2  

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Uploaded: 05/02/06 6:56 AM GMT
Tea Glory 2
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Tea estate at hill side of Sri Lanka.


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05/02/06 7:49 AM GMT
The different shades of green throughout the tea estate are beautiful, and compositionally this is pretty good. I also like the cloud off in the distance, and the winding paths leading away from the camera. Great work.
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05/02/06 8:25 AM GMT
Wow mate!...Awesome 'greens' on this image! excellent panorama, it certainly keeps the eye busy!.....great shot Pri...........Bob
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05/02/06 8:44 AM GMT
So this is how the English breakfast tea grows ! No wonder Bob sounds impressed. LOL
Seriously I completely agree with the guys before me - most scenic view of a breath-taking panorama !
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With all my love and respect, Marzena
05/02/06 10:28 AM GMT
Totaly Fantastic and Incredible Green Capture..Well done..
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05/02/06 11:24 AM GMT
Wonderful landscape.
Peace&Respect Jojo
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Laying Easy Somewhere Shade Across My Mind
05/02/06 12:18 AM GMT
Great landscape! Marvelous shoot! High marks from me. :]
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05/02/06 1:12 PM GMT
Great picture, beautiful green colors and a nice view
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05/02/06 1:40 PM GMT
Wow! Now that is simply breathtaking! What a view! Beautifully captured!
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In this is love: not that we loved God, but that He loved us and sent His Son to be the atoning sacrifice for our sins. 1 John 4:10
05/02/06 3:20 PM GMT
The bright greens and blue-grey sky are beautiful together and the composition is pretty good also! Great shot!
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05/02/06 5:24 PM GMT
Absolutely beautiful Priyantha! I love your tea estate shots, so many varied colors and lines. This is such a lovely vista view and an excellent job you have done here!
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God is Love
05/02/06 5:55 PM GMT
I like the angle here, it gives us a good view of the estate. Green colors look incredible and lush, good contrast with cloudy sky. Thanks for sharing this.
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05/02/06 7:08 PM GMT
the greens and the neatness of the way the plants have been arranged is just spectacular. the hills and/or low mountains are beautiful. the sharpness is perfect. it's just great. jen
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05/02/06 10:06 PM GMT
Beautiful landscape and so well captured.
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05/02/06 11:27 PM GMT
Hi Priyantha, my what an all encompassing photo, so full of vivid greens and other interesting features! I have never seen a tea Estate! I assume that these estates are owned by wealthy people and not by the less fortunate ones! Am I right my friend? Knowing so little of your country's history, I should not make that assumption, but tea is a big thing in your economy, a huge export, isn't it! Somehow I just had that idea! Back to your photo, it is beautiful and you did a splendid job, and I will look forward to your next posting as I am very much interested in your country Priyantha, as we have talked before! I would like to add one more thing that I know about you, as a person, and that is the many hrs you work to assist others, those in dire need! The Tsunami was such a horrific natural disaster, that the needs of your people could hardly be met and you were always there to help, and still are!! I so respect you for this! This is still the situation in our country regarding the aftermath of the big 'hurricane' 'Katrina', as we talked about previously! Thank God for people like you and others that are so willing to place themselves in the 'line of fire', for the benefit of needy victims! Thanks again, Sincerely, Marilyn
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05/03/06 1:59 AM GMT
The greens are so beautiful and attractive... great picture!
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05/04/06 5:01 AM GMT
Excellent job Priyantha!!! The tea plants look very well manicured. Is this done by hand or do they have equipment to do the job of harvesting?
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Focus on the Light of the world
05/04/06 7:03 AM GMT
After viewing your other image Priyantha, some of the beauty is lost in knowing how much natural beauty was destroyed so that this plantation could be built here. I can admire your image, with the hills of tea leaves and the shades of green. I can even see the community that that we have discussed on the left of the photo. The sky looks a bit threatening. Your technique, your composition, your color, clarity and quality are all excellent. It is just sad that so much had to be lost so this could exist.
It is certainly very thought provoking.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing Sri Lanka with us. I might have gone my entire life without knowing the tiny bit I now know if you didn't take the time to share with us and answer my questions. You are much appreciated my friend :~)
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05/04/06 8:29 AM GMT
Great perspective. This capture seems so spacious. I love the fresh green touch. So tell me Priyantha: do they realy pick only the fresh new leaves from the top of the tea bush? What do they do with the rest? Lol
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05/05/06 1:27 AM GMT
This is just breath taking Pryantha! It looks like a postcard! Simply magnificant! Vicky
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05/07/06 3:05 AM GMT
the green is such an amazing shade and you captured it really well.
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05/07/06 2:16 PM GMT
A very nice capture. It has a lot of depth and color. Well done.
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View the world with your mind's eye. Mr. Russ
05/08/06 10:08 PM GMT
Well done!!! Really nice color and composition. Could use a bit of sharpening to bring out a little more detail in the distance.
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Stultum est timere quod vitare non potes.
05/25/06 8:42 AM GMT
Wow!!! i love this green!!! thanks!!!
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