virgo cluster outpost  

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Uploaded: 11/24/04 5:15 PM GMT
virgo cluster outpost
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11/24/04 8:44 PM GMT
very nice, mr. proximusus
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11/24/04 10:45 PM GMT
Great picture David. I really do enjoy the detail put into this. 9/10 =)
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11/26/04 2:46 AM GMT
Great image!Well done!
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"A meditação acalma o espírito e anima a alma"
11/26/04 10:43 AM GMT
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'Study the past, if you would divine the future.' - Confucius Gallery ...... Thoughts of Rebirth
11/29/04 2:20 AM GMT
Ah, a gorgeous image.
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Quoth the Raven; "Caw!"
04/09/05 7:46 PM GMT
NICE! and im a virgo =D
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---- "Cursive writing does not mean what I think it does" - Bart Simpson ....................Rawwrr ----
10/17/05 4:04 AM GMT
thats one freaky planet. but beautiful at the same time. nice work.
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"We all hide from what we know, but the unknown is what kills us" - Matthew Smith
11/04/05 6:57 PM GMT
Space always makes for a great image. This is beautiful and the colours are perfect.
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05/09/06 9:10 PM GMT
It makes me dream. Nice colors.
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03/14/07 11:48 PM GMT
Excellent image. It has a misty quality to it which is interesting.

Really bizarre looking, though. Do you know if something like this is (i) theoretically possible, (ii) known to be actually instantiated (seems highly unlikely), or (iii) known (believed on the basis of current best models) to be impossible?

I take it you've got a ringed planet with a ringed satellite here with additional satellites, one of which orbits the ringed satellite? (I'm not sure if this is correctly expressed since I can't remember the outcome of the debate on the term 'planet' in any detail.)

Makes for an interesting desktop, anyway.

- cfr
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