Beach House in the Morning  

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Uploaded: 01/09/11 8:10 PM GMT
Beach House in the Morning
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Elbow Cay, Abaco, Bahamas Nikon D90 f/16 1/250 62mm


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01/09/11 8:27 PM GMT
Ok, you got me to come in for a closer look. Mission accomplished. :o)

Think it is the quality of the light that you captured. And the muted colours are appealing to my eyes.


On a compositional note, if the sky is not adding that much interest ... move the horizon off of the mid-line point and show us, your viewers more of the foreground.

Don't know if you have a wide-angle lens at your disposal, can see that working well in conjunction with the above suggestion. And suggestion ... is all that that is, really.

Since I am .. ahem ... full of.. suggestions. Perhaps, add in your camera's make and model into your accompanying narratives? Might provide a leaping off point towards that of some more tips, advice, et al.

Very tranquil and inviting looking scene/setting that you've captured here. And.. just took a tour of your galleries to date. Good good stuff. :o)
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01/09/11 10:18 PM GMT
Yeah I agree with you about the sky. No clouds and no texture. I was borrowing a lense from somebody when I shot this. a Nikon Zoom that I think went down to about 28mm or so.
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01/09/11 10:23 PM GMT
Thinking about it now, thats a good suggestion about the wide angle. I could have gone wider but to get similar composition i would have had to get closer to the house and walked through that mess of green brush as opposed to leaving the comfy confines of a porch. ahhh sweet hindsight! hhaha
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