'TinyTown' Waikiki (full screen to appreciate!)  

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Uploaded: 08/05/07 10:33 PM GMT
'TinyTown' Waikiki (full screen to appreciate!)
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Waikiki Beach in Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii. Magically massaged by Phasmid (how does she do it?!) into a 'Tiny Town' for our viewing pleasure. Took this last month about 8 am after hiking to the top of Diamondhead Crater. Thanks PJ!!! (Inside the crater in the background, The Punchbowl, is the National Cemetery of the Pacific administered by the US Dept of Veterans Affairs)


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08/06/07 12:46 AM GMT
Very nice picture. Thanks for sharing.

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08/06/07 12:48 AM GMT
Amazing View and Great Shot!
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08/06/07 1:24 AM GMT
Thanks for posting this. I certainly had a great time with that trick :) I only wish I could have been the one to take the great pic that underlies this tiny Waikiki :)

♥PJ 005

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08/06/07 2:12 AM GMT
I love your phraseology, "magically massaged"! lol I can picture her working it over with her hands! I don't know how anyone could think Waikiki tiny though! The view and the colors are terrific.
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08/06/07 5:34 PM GMT
Brilliant !
Needs to be seen in full screen.
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11/14/07 2:02 AM GMT
Ha! Too cute! I love it!
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