Blazing Spirals  

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Uploaded: 10/30/05 2:02 AM GMT
Blazing Spirals
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Created with Apophysis 2.03A. Just Playing with spirals, this reminded me of fire. Take a look, your comments are welcome and appreciated.


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10/30/05 2:17 AM GMT
Wow !! Gorgous color gradient there. The spiral seems to draw your eye down & down & down..... Great work. : )
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10/30/05 2:53 AM GMT
Top notch design, good gradient. I like the way the fractal is clean and smooth, unlike most spiral fractals.
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10/30/05 2:54 AM GMT
This fractal looks great, the depth, the gradient, the overall image is just great, 10 from me.
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10/30/05 5:07 AM GMT
Incredible flame, Larry! Great work! Wen
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10/30/05 5:46 AM GMT
Hey there Larry! My goodness this just looks like a most beautiful seashell to me!! I dont look at fractals in a techie way...I just enjoy their pattern and the creative eye that was able to do mean it is fantastic!!
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"It is not the language of the painters but the language of nature to which one had to listen."Vincent VanGogh
10/30/05 9:45 AM GMT
Now that's what I call a great spiral. Great job Larry!
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10/30/05 12:02 AM GMT
Top flame, the detail, gradient and render are just about perfect. Just an idea, but rotating the flame 90 degress would enable you to fill the page and would give it a bit more of an interesting off-centre composition.

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10/30/05 1:38 PM GMT
Great flame and colour... love the little spiral thingy's.... smooth and clear.. nice work
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"Life's like chocolate left in the sun... once it melts its gone"
10/30/05 3:22 PM GMT
This is beautiful.. Love the colors.. I do apologise for not taking the time to look are your work, and comment more.. Life has not been kind lately.. I will try to do better.
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One bead at a time
10/30/05 8:09 PM GMT
It radiates heat .... by jove, man !!! ... You could eat the world .. er, I mean heat
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Wax on - Wax off
10/31/05 4:57 PM GMT
Wow! I like this spiral, too. Nice job.
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11/05/05 6:59 AM GMT
Wow, just beautiful! The detail is amazing.
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Life is a series of delicious deleriousness!
11/21/05 7:29 PM GMT
Very impressive! It looks great.
Well done!
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If you can't find the words, you may as well shoot it...
01/14/06 6:45 AM GMT
Very cool spiral! I love this.
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04/18/06 1:29 PM GMT
Blazing design,stunning!!!
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04/19/06 2:18 AM GMT
Thanks for your support.
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"Some painters transform the sun into a yellow spot, others transform a yellow spot into the sun -Pablo Picasso My Gallery
05/01/06 5:43 AM GMT
Very cool. I love the colors and blends. Your effort shows in putting this together. Design is off the hook. I'd say you got this figgered out. Excellent job
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05/01/06 9:27 PM GMT
Thanks Jerry!..=)
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"Some painters transform the sun into a yellow spot, others transform a yellow spot into the sun -Pablo Picasso My Gallery
07/14/06 4:55 PM GMT
Wonderful....this is really beautiful!
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07/15/06 4:22 AM GMT
Thank you Angela..=)
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"Some painters transform the sun into a yellow spot, others transform a yellow spot into the sun -Pablo Picasso My Gallery
04/22/09 11:16 PM GMT
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