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Uploaded: 05/15/03 8:29 PM GMT
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Status: active

An entirely computer-generated landscape. Started off realistic, ended up very abstract and textural... but the more I look at it the more I love it.


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05/16/03 7:19 PM GMT
Very nice!
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05/26/03 5:43 AM GMT
Without the texture this is just another piece of computer art..... Excellent touch!!
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05/26/03 5:52 AM GMT
thank you very much... if it makes you want to touch your monitor, i've achieved my goal ;)
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05/27/03 11:49 PM GMT
I agree with Crazylvan! Great picture, I'm happy for you for achieving your goal and creating a fantastic peice of art!
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06/24/03 11:04 PM GMT
Obviously a lot of people like this image. I feel you were a little heavy handed with the texture. The mountains do have an interesting, human like, composition. Clearly you're on your way though. Just my 2 cents.
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06/25/03 12:12 AM GMT
well i suppose i was heavy handed with the texture. does it kinda remind you of an oil painting by someone who really cakes on the paint? thats what i had in mind
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07/22/03 4:13 PM GMT
it looks like a very heavy image and it does look like the painter threw the paint on there a wee bit too heavy but it is okay
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08/11/03 6:03 AM GMT
Heavy or not its still very beautiful which is good enough for me so Good job red :)
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11/03/03 5:28 AM GMT
I love this..the color combinations I think. Looks great on the desktop and gives plenty of room for my desktop icons.
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01/18/04 3:27 AM GMT
Nice job
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Trying to be supportive of your art!
02/20/06 6:05 AM GMT
I really enjoyed this image, it's really cool it's my kinda art! I also liked many other of your works in your gallery. A good question is, are you, or did you enter the fantasy landscape contest? If not you should give it a whirl.
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03/02/08 3:08 AM GMT
very retro, but nice. i have seen real paintings--just wednesday actuall--and they really do get carried away with the paint, but it's what makes the image look more realistic (especially if you put it in the right spot).
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