Fields 3  

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Uploaded: 04/20/04 1:06 AM GMT
Fields 3
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I want to give the impression of shafts of light.


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04/20/04 1:50 AM GMT
Nice Work. I like the textures in this image. It also looks better than Fields and Fields 2.
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04/20/04 2:12 AM GMT
Simple but nice. Not too busy.
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12/27/04 6:37 PM GMT
i like the colors and stripes. it seems to move when i look at it for too long. i will definetly put this as one of my backgrounds
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07/23/05 4:24 PM GMT
Love the simple pattern. Reminds me of fire or someone tugging on satin...
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09/26/05 3:11 PM GMT
Very nicely done...
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04/26/07 10:13 PM GMT
Very nice. I love the colors you put together.
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09/18/07 9:04 PM GMT
i love the color and the streaks, but im not too crazy about the rough texture. for me it throws off the flowing of the streaks major
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01/22/08 5:37 PM GMT
Personally, I think that the texture sets it apart. The colors make it good, the texture makes it great! Well done
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06/12/09 8:35 PM GMT
The diagonals make the image move.
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