Golden Gate Bridge At Night  

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Uploaded: 11/19/08 5:23 PM GMT
Golden Gate Bridge At Night
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Golden Gate Bridge, on a cold November night. Taken from the North side of the bridge.


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11/19/08 7:29 PM GMT
Excellent results at night. Looks great form that perspective. Thanks for sharing.
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11/19/08 8:50 PM GMT
Beautiful view,and night shot.
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11/19/08 10:18 PM GMT
Excellent time exposure.
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A friend of Bill's
11/19/08 11:25 PM GMT
Amazing imagery!! Dy-no-mite delay really enhances the view!!
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Why do the pictures come out square when the lens is round??
11/20/08 1:26 AM GMT
Fantastic Shot!!
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11/20/08 3:08 AM GMT
Absolutely wonderful image! Well taken.
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"Felicity is a tree whose root is certitude and crown is serenity"...Frithjof Schoun
11/25/08 1:07 AM GMT
Probably one of the best Ive seen of the Golden Gate! Fantastic!
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Canon Powershot SD1000
11/25/08 2:16 AM GMT
Hello Rex, what a magnificent capture of the Golden Gate! I love the night shot here.The reflection on the water is awesome also, and all the lights, well, you did a wonderful job on this. I can't help but wonder where you were when you took this photo. And hopefully you were totally safe. I've been in those hills surrounding the Bridge too. Just gorgeous from up there. Congrats on this shot. Verena
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11/25/08 9:51 AM GMT
this one is gorgeous! kudos.
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11/26/08 12:31 AM GMT
Excellent capture and minimal noise on top of that - well done -
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So many pics and so little time can mean just one thing - it must be - tee time
11/26/08 2:56 AM GMT
Stunning lighting and composition. Nice!
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11/28/08 8:52 PM GMT
This was put right into my Favs! I love the golden colors... Thanks for sharing!
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Don't worry be happy now :)
06/22/10 5:00 PM GMT
One of my favorite places in the world....I miss it! Thank you for sharing such a gorgeous shot of it!
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