Sharp Day  

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Uploaded: 12/31/04 7:10 PM GMT
Sharp Day
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Twilight sun striking the bottom of the spanish moss festooning these sycamore trees created an ambiance that made me stop and look. As I watched I realized how the reflection in the water amplified the effect and made me feel warm despite the winter temperatures around me.

#20 in the South Louisiana Series


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12/31/04 8:59 PM GMT
Lovely nature image.Good shot and well done.
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12/31/04 10:21 PM GMT
yap! just lovely maoment and exelent capture....I like the lights and the colors are true...
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12/31/04 11:30 PM GMT
Love that just this point is lit while the shoreline beyond is dark. The moss just glows.
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01/02/05 1:03 PM GMT
Excellent Reg! Again, you've caught the beauty and brought it home. The lighting on this scene is incredible, well done.
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01/08/05 2:07 AM GMT
rock on, dude
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01/30/05 11:11 PM GMT
Another fantastic shot. Those relections are great. 9/10
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02/06/05 1:47 AM GMT
I like the balance in the composition and patterns of light and dark throughout the shot. The darker water before and behind the well-lit strip of grass hold the bottom together and then the tree trunks lead your eye up to the glowing moss. Another lovely capture of the mood and light of southern Louisiana.
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05/10/05 2:00 PM GMT
Quite the trees eh?
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