Toys and things..  

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Uploaded: 03/30/10 3:24 AM GMT
Toys and things..
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I took this at my girlfriends brothers house. They have a 1 year old boy, so i was playing around with him, and he looked at my camera, and wanted me to take pictures haha. So i did. And these are his toys. =D Let me know what you guys think! - Steve


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03/30/10 6:31 AM GMT
I like the way you put a different perspective on everyday stuff.
Another great job my friend.

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03/30/10 4:58 PM GMT
Great composition, Steven. Reminded me of traffic lights.
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03/30/10 7:18 PM GMT
A lovely composition in this shot and nice angle to shoot from. Cropped(?) a bit tightly on the left hand side. But, a good capture and nicely done.
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