Not the ornament I was looking for.  

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Uploaded: 12/04/07 10:56 PM GMT
Not the ornament I was looking for.
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May is not a small cat. When the tree was put up and decorated the cat was no where to be found. We discovered her wrapped around the branches near the top of the tree just laying there watching the lights.


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12/05/07 12:30 AM GMT
This is a really cute picture. Cats wind up the the strangest palces. Nice shot.

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Imagine you are there
12/05/07 1:14 AM GMT
Nice picture and cute cat.
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12/05/07 2:21 AM GMT
its a little bright around the nose, but otherwise a cite picture. my cats always attack the tree.
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12/05/07 4:11 AM GMT
LOL! This one made me laugh.
I agree with the previous post that the face is too bright, but otherwise a wonderful shot. :)
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12/05/07 4:56 AM GMT
A fine capture of curiousity :) She appears quite intrigued by the lights - love those big bright eyes. Thanks Rob, for such a sweet shot :^>
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I need to catch up on things so can't comment too much. But I love all of your fine images :)
12/05/07 2:19 PM GMT
Very CUTE!
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12/06/07 12:56 AM GMT
How do they always end up in the strangest of strangest places. I have two cats and so I need to be very watchful when I put up my tree... thanks for pointing out their hiding spot!
This lovely shot is definitely going into my favs!!
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02/28/08 1:25 AM GMT
Supercalafragalisticexpialladociously antediluvian, and what an awesome photographer you are to boot, a big well done on this stupendous image.

My kindest regards,


Plymouth, England, UK.
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No trees were killed in the sending of this message. However, a large number of electrons were terribly inconvenienced. COME ON YOU GREENS, UP THE ARGYLE.....
10/08/11 9:45 PM GMT
May is 9 - this is the first year she seems to have decided that this stunt is best left to the younger cats.
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