Trash Art 0052  

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Uploaded: 01/23/13 6:39 PM GMT
Trash Art 0052
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Trash Art are recycled pictures of photos I have taken in Rotterdam buildings, street art, flowers, trees and brickwork grinding and pounding them into what I call Trash Art.


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01/23/13 6:46 PM GMT
Looks cool rob!
6∈ [?]
01/23/13 7:29 PM GMT
It looks like my thoughts middle of the night..not always,but sometimes.Scary and Fabulous work,Rob.
10∈ [?]
01/23/13 9:08 PM GMT
Fierce!! Love this one Rob! I have no idea what you are using for images, but your layering is INCREDIBLE! You've managed to make this beast so realistic in shape and muscle tone by choosing the perfect tones. The black background makes this creature so much more frightening and the neon in it's eyes make it appear as if it's straight out of a Sci-Fi blockbuster! YOU THE MAN, MAN!!:)
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01/23/13 9:17 PM GMT
I love it!! Faved already! I think this should go at the top of your creative gallery! Tigs♥ =^..^=
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Nature in all her glory is my uplift on life and so is my love of photography. sandi ♪ ♫
01/23/13 11:51 PM GMT
I see your cat has come back home. From the looks of it she's been down to the glue factory and afterwards rolled around on the mirror factory floor. I don't fancy having the job of bathing her. You should really consider putting her on a leash when you let her out. Just think of the terror you would save the neighbourhood. :-] Nice work Rob.
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01/24/13 1:21 AM GMT
I like the steel cat. I'll add this to my collection. Good job.
7∈ [?]
01/24/13 1:37 AM GMT
Beautiful job... idea... to my eyes, Rob!  ☺  Thanks for yet another share! I now have the Metallizer 1.1. Will soon be applying it to my installation! I also became aware of an update for Irfanview while getting that M1.1! ☺
13∈ [?]
01/24/13 12:41 AM GMT
Likey! Faved...
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01/24/13 7:49 PM GMT
Rob this is one truly stunning piece of art work my friend.Love the silvery body of the cat and set against that black of black background it makes the cat stand right out of the screen.Also love the slight blue in the cats body as if to be reflecting of the neon trash art sign.
16∈ [?]
01/25/13 2:32 PM GMT
This must be one of your best Creations. Very well done! Saved&Faved
11∈ [?]
01/25/13 9:23 PM GMT
Very cool, Rob. A cat with a bit of mystery to it. Excellent creation / work.
12∈ [?]
02/21/13 4:49 PM GMT
Love this Rob and right into my favs
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