alien bliss  

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Uploaded: 02/17/04 4:19 AM GMT
alien bliss
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what a windows background might look like on another planet used image "d"


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02/17/04 11:44 AM GMT
Hehe. lol! I love your creative idea. Nicely executed too. It does look somewhat alien...
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02/17/04 12:25 AM GMT
Ouch! I wouldn't like to lay in this field. Very clever idea, actually it also reminds me of Toy Story, the scene with all the aliens in the vending machine.
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-Everyone is entitled to my opinion-
02/17/04 12:36 AM GMT
Nice job,and nice colors.Well done.
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carpe diem.
02/17/04 5:55 PM GMT
I really like that a lot. I get the feeling you were going for. I also see what Samatar sees. lol "He is the chosen one; he must go!"
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02/18/04 2:37 AM GMT
this is easily an A+++ on creativity, that part I just love, one of the very best in the contest. the execution has some good parts and bad parts-- the color was very well done, the sky is wall matched to the seedpod things, and the pods are well arranged. but more could be done to give illusion of depth, of objects nearer being more (or less, depending) focused than ones farther back, as well as lighting. but i love it still
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02/18/04 4:34 AM GMT
Thanks for the comments, yes i could have done more as far as depth goes, I just noticed the drop shadow hits the background like its a wall. oops, oh well it was fun.
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02/18/04 5:57 AM GMT
sweet pic dude!!! 9/10!!!
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<<<<speedy dude>>>>
02/18/04 8:54 PM GMT
Very imaginative work! Also agree with Sam about the little creatures from Toy Story.
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"To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk." (- Thomas Edison)
02/19/04 7:01 PM GMT
Very creative. I like that you went with green for the sky. Does much to "make" the image.
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02/19/04 11:40 PM GMT
excellent job. very creative and one of my favorites.
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02/20/04 9:27 AM GMT
Fantastic - I had to smile when I saw this one, as I love "visual puns" and playing with meaning. Great work.
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never give up
02/20/04 10:47 PM GMT
Nice work. Very original.
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02/21/04 2:02 AM GMT
I am going through the gallery and asking everyone who hasn't done so to note in their comments which starter image they used, it is a requirement if you want to be included in the judging. Thanks!
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-Everyone is entitled to my opinion-
02/22/04 2:24 PM GMT
agree with reddawg151 very good & very creative : )
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02/23/04 11:20 AM GMT
Reminds me of Triffyds!
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"The job of the artist is to deepen the mystery." Francis Bacon
02/23/04 1:29 PM GMT
funny and clever idea!^^. it makes me think of the little creatures from Toy Story too!^^ nicely fone
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02/23/04 8:44 PM GMT
This is so cool! Very creative and well composed- great job! :-)
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03/01/04 10:11 PM GMT
Congratulations on the contest results!
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never give up
03/02/04 5:50 PM GMT
wow, thanks for the votes guys and gals, considering the talent pool i am very flattered.
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03/08/04 3:23 PM GMT
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04/11/04 8:22 PM GMT
a strange world indeed. nice realityfeel to the sky and a somewhat fictional feel to the ground. it fits good with the rest of the sky but you have the feeling of it being not of this world and not that real. And I guess that was the point. :)
Cool picture :)
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04/28/04 7:19 AM GMT
I really like the odd feel to this...and great creativity in use...nice job 7/10
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-->"Art is creative flux through the human mind"
05/22/05 8:59 AM GMT
Nice work, I love wrong color. Very original. EN HORA BUENA!
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06/23/05 3:06 PM GMT
This is very creative in the mind I love it.
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07/26/05 11:53 AM GMT
i love the sky in this. really intriguing work x
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06/02/06 12:06 AM GMT
this is so creative, i love it. i especially love the plant/ground things. i think if i would have done it though, i would have made the clouds yellow. just a thought. still awesome picture.
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02/24/09 1:50 AM GMT
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04/30/09 8:12 AM GMT
Way, Way cool!!!!!!!!!
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