Spring Shower  

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Uploaded: 08/29/04 3:56 AM GMT
Spring Shower
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Droplets come into focus after a gentle spring shower.


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08/29/04 8:41 AM GMT
A beautiful shot and my new desktop - well done! Nice light and composition.
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The artist is nothing without the gift, but the gift is nothing without work. (Emile Zola)
08/30/04 1:25 AM GMT
Lovely shot.. looks so great on desktop..
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True friends are like diamonds precious and rare... false friends are like autumn leaves found everywhere.........
09/04/04 6:24 PM GMT
i donno if water drops on plants ever get old.... nice shot
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12/15/04 5:40 AM GMT
More excellent work with your telephoto. Well done.
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There once was a two toed she toad tree toad that towed a three toed he toad tree toad to the two toed she toad's tree.
12/15/04 1:16 PM GMT
It actually wasn't done with my telephoto. Thanks for the comment. :)
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12/20/04 1:18 AM GMT
Excellent work, regradless of what lens. I love the simplicity and grace of the forms and the green / silver of the leaves and drops works really well.
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12/20/04 8:10 PM GMT
great shot, may i add i have a fimilar shot of a lili. i took trough a crystal ball the outcome of the picture was amazing just like yours i wish i could share but at this time i cant. once again nice pic!
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"I Like Cashews"
04/19/05 5:01 AM GMT
It looks great!!! on my desktop :)
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|\\]---*---]|\\ ^ not a perfect person ... and not a good artist either. eei eei eei Someday, my pictures will not be deleted..hahaha!
08/09/05 3:42 AM GMT
simple shots are the best and this is no exception. Great shot!! love it:o)
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08/29/05 3:45 PM GMT
Gorgeous color...makes a beautiful desktop.
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01/03/06 5:44 PM GMT
I love this shot.
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03/01/06 6:46 PM GMT
Great photo...I love the detail, clarity, and color. Well done! Great background.
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04/10/07 5:32 PM GMT
Simply beautiful, straight to my favorites! :)
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If today was perfect, there would be no need for tomorrow...
03/29/09 3:01 PM GMT
I love capturing raindrops on plants/florals. This is a fantastic shot. I love the focus in the centre and the blurred lines. Great curved lines make this composition, in addtion to the colour, very pleasing to look at. Awesome capture. Kudos!
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