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05/08/06 4:42 AM GMT
This is very cool! The stars look realistic against the navy blue sky and the clouds. The water also looks beautiful. The only thing out-of-place is the white line. Maybe you could smudge it a little to make it blend in more or just remove it out entirely. I personally would prefer it without the line, but overall. wonderful job!
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05/08/06 12:50 AM GMT
Excellent work. I really love the speculative nature of this.

*Adds to favorites*
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05/08/06 2:21 PM GMT
That is exceptionally Cool Russ!!

I bet when that thing hit, THAT's What made "A night to Remember"!!! :-) :-)
Very nice Render.
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05/08/06 4:27 PM GMT
A very cool image. I love the cobalt blue color & the tiny stars seem to jump right out at you. An excellent render... I love it.
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05/09/06 12:29 AM GMT
It's a great creation. I have the last you did, like this ,on my desktop. I have to say,that the dead sharp line detracts from what I think, was your intended effect. I couldn't come close to creating this, but the sharpness and uniformity of the line, reduces the illusory effect.
At least, for me. You're very talented at this, so if there is a way to draw the line, from a pin point at the left, to an increasingly broader band to the right border, I think it would be more realistic. And not a very broad band either.
It's still exceptional work, in my opinion.
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05/09/06 1:31 AM GMT
Thanks for the feedback everyone. I took liberties with how these things actually appear, but that's artistic license. The ones that approach nearly head-on, such as the Leonids, leave a bright, ruler straight streak because of their very high speed. They burn up high in the atmosphere though, so this is my interpretation of a big one.
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Sic transit gloria mundi
05/09/06 3:08 PM GMT
Very intriguing image. I like it.
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06/06/06 7:29 AM GMT
Great work,you seem to know what your talking about and be able to translate that on to a page,i love it .
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07/16/06 4:32 AM GMT
This is really cool! Mysterious and Magical, Bravo and Encore!
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08/08/06 3:54 AM GMT
Excellent job specially the trail reflection in water
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In Assenza Di Te
03/15/07 2:56 AM GMT
You have some really beautiful landscapes in your gallery. This one is outstanding. I would prefer it without the framing, but that's just me.

- cfr
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03/16/07 8:28 AM GMT
It's a really beautiful landscape,I like !
But,the tail of the star ... (— —!不是很喜欢,有点抢点的感觉)
——China boy
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12/09/07 4:52 PM GMT
wait, I haven't commented on this yet even though I've had it as my DT on and off for the past 6 months?!?!
I like the atmosphere in this one as well... Again, this feeling of loneliness. And the sense of depth and hugeness. But, could I think that it's not a meteor but some alien craft?
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03/20/10 9:27 AM GMT
like this a lot, like the alien theme, good work
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