New Day  

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Uploaded: 10/02/12 7:07 AM GMT
New Day
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Made with Terragen 2 and lots of time.


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10/02/12 12:30 AM GMT
Wonderful capture, I like it very much.
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10/02/12 5:15 PM GMT
Amazingly Beautiful! It looks so real! I love the purple sky:)
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10/02/12 7:40 PM GMT
Most Excellant!!! Love that Sky!
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10/03/12 1:30 AM GMT
Thank you all very much. I'm glad you like the view.

There are about 30 million conifers and other plants stretching to the horizon, but you can't see most of them after the fog is added. Anyway, I like stark and primal landscapes. That's my jones. That and macrophotography.
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There are more things in heaven and earth, than are dreamt of in your philosophy. W.S.
10/03/12 2:03 AM GMT
Another one of your photos made me say "Wow" out load again. Awesome. Love the purple too.
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10/03/12 3:52 AM GMT
This is a beautiful capture.
Love the colors, nicely done.
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10/03/12 4:27 AM GMT
Thank you both. I really appreciate that.

Comparing my CG landscapes with an actual photograph is the nicest thing you could say to me.
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There are more things in heaven and earth, than are dreamt of in your philosophy. W.S.
10/04/12 2:54 AM GMT
Fantastic imagery and a wonderful creation. Beautiful colours in the sky and nice layering in the scene. A great job!
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10/10/12 2:27 PM GMT
The way the sun peeps out is so realistic... I also like the way those clouds are shaded. I wonder what is prowling in those woods? I wouldn't want to meet them after dark. ;-)
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10/11/12 2:24 AM GMT
Thank you very much.

I'm pleased you both liked it. Faking reality is hard.

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There are more things in heaven and earth, than are dreamt of in your philosophy. W.S.
10/15/12 3:35 AM GMT
"Faking reality is hard."

However, you make it look.. e -xcellent (was going to insert 'easy', but, at least I know better than that ;o) ).

Did a triple take when I saw your piece here, Russ. I mean, I really had to take note that this was not a CGI piece.

Composition is strong.

Perspective is great (camera angle is a strong element, in and of itself).

Colour palette is gorgeous.. and to my eyes ... very natural.

Thank you for sharing this one with us. :o)
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10/17/12 8:28 PM GMT
Funny - really... I first looked at the picture as a thumbnail and said - "Wow! That's unique." Then, I looked at it full scale... and said... "Now wait a minute... let me look for signs of CG... Hmmm... clouds look good... coloring doesn't bleed into the image as though it was layered ontop... or just a hue/saturation adjustment made... Trees look good... Fog is good... Hills are present... Details are there... The sun looks... Awww Heck! Where was he to take such a great picture!!" Then I read the posts and your description! ... And all I have to say is WOW!!
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10/18/12 1:32 AM GMT
Thank you both for the great reviews. Two slam bang write-ups in a row is a rare treat.

It seems our tastes in scenery are similar and keeping it 'real' is a winning strategy. Thanks again.
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There are more things in heaven and earth, than are dreamt of in your philosophy. W.S.
04/29/15 7:24 PM GMT
Great work with the clouds, they are perfect. Getting that red hot glow burning inside the cloud and giving them that fine gold lace without washing out the rest of the cloud/ easy feat. This one will spend some time on my desktop for sure.
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I am going to clean out my Caedes portfolio a bit per-caedes input system. If you see an image you like and it is not on here give me a holler.

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