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Uploaded: 08/19/03 10:05 PM GMT
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08/19/03 10:59 PM GMT
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08/20/03 7:06 AM GMT
Thank you very much Tracy!
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"Nessecity is the mother of invention"
08/20/03 2:03 PM GMT
wow! Great idea. very very nice picture! im giving it a 10
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08/20/03 8:54 PM GMT
this is great. i love the shadow and the water.
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08/21/03 3:57 AM GMT
Good job Samarn Forks hmmm lol :)
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A.K.A. "Champ"
08/21/03 3:58 AM GMT
great idea :)
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§Ce n'est pas etre bien aise que de rire§
08/21/03 6:57 AM GMT
Thank you very much Tony!

wall_paper, thank you to!

Chris, I can assure you that this is no disguise :))

Thanks again Ælvira!
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"Nessecity is the mother of invention"
08/30/03 5:42 AM GMT
Where is the couple? I do that with my forks all the time. I have this fantastic idea of shooting my butt cheeks with a camera and making it all fancy and silver =P my title for it will be /thinks hard. Moons over My fanny AHAHA! props on the idea to put it on here though. 9 for you. and two-thumbs up
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09/26/03 1:12 PM GMT
this is an amazing shot! i keep coming back to this picture and it is making the rotation on my desktop. thank you!
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09/26/03 1:55 PM GMT
Thank you Maskedhaven and ozzonapj! members like you makes it worth while, thank you!

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10/21/03 2:53 PM GMT
Looks great
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11/02/03 4:40 PM GMT
Good eye!
looks very, very sharp and crisp even at the highest resolution, good job!
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01/26/04 8:06 PM GMT
...very sexual.... i LOVE it... def a 10
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02/03/04 2:10 AM GMT
abstract yet not. love the concept.
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10/02/04 10:54 PM GMT
it's funny when forks spoon...heh heh heh...oh god
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"I hope someday I find my perfect other and we have a lot of sex.” ---Jason Mraz
10/13/04 8:32 AM GMT
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~Samuel Arnfjell~
01/18/05 2:24 AM GMT
love it
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05/08/05 6:16 AM GMT
No one on the planet could have made two forks come alive in such a sensous manner. This one is a true prize. Excellent work. 10/10.
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Money doesn't make you happy. I now have $50 million but I was just as happy when I had $48 million." - Arnold Schwarzenegger
06/14/06 2:37 AM GMT
I've heard of spooning in this manner .. but not forking
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12/20/09 8:25 PM GMT
Just saw this image on the front page's perm spot. so simple, yet so effective. faved.
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Please, even if you don't visit my gallery, check out my "Faves".I've left them intact since day "1", and would like it if every image there got the attention they deserved.

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