The Visitor (Collaboration)  

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Uploaded: 07/28/05 9:26 PM GMT
The Visitor (Collaboration)
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A little tweak of Turning Away by Xyccoc. Please vote


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07/28/05 9:59 PM GMT
hey Andrew.. you know i already enjoyed this one.. the name you picked is excellent..

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07/28/05 10:50 PM GMT
Oh yes, this is just what I was thinking of when I saw the first image.... Wonderful job.. This is a fantastic collaboration.. Congratulations to you both.. 10/10 and favs..
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One bead at a time..
07/31/05 2:02 AM GMT
A very neat "tweak!" Great collaborating, guys!
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08/11/05 3:28 AM GMT
I love this model and the different things that have been done with it. This is probably my favorite. Though I still love the original.
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08/29/05 7:18 PM GMT
congrats to xyccoc, your original (which is still awesome) has inspired lots of additional works, which are equally as cool. good job to you both. ood job scion lord, very nice
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All I want to know is who the man is that looked at a cow and said "I think I’ll drink from whatever comes out of those things when I squeeze them
09/15/05 6:08 AM GMT
Thats a funny pic!
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GYC@MP, AIGAC@YP<-My Honour doesnīt accept something other :-] CeeJay D-Magic
12/12/05 1:13 AM GMT
Love this one. You've given this fabulous design an almost ominous, intelligent presence.
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03/05/06 3:55 PM GMT
Prefer the original but this change brings a whole new feel to the image. Eerie and slightly space age, good job
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05/15/06 10:08 PM GMT
Nice, I like the darkness to it, it feels eerie!
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08/22/06 4:20 PM GMT
hey i like the darknes of this and how it looks shiney, its uber cool well done thank u 4 sharing
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03/19/07 1:50 AM GMT
I would maybe like a little more scene setting to give a sense that there _is_ a sky, but otherwise this is excellent. A water landing?

- cfr
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