Blue Dream  

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Uploaded: 03/25/06 10:26 AM GMT
Blue Dream
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I had an idea...came out quite well.


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03/25/06 12:01 AM GMT
Whoa! I'm underwater!!!!!!!!!!! This is excellent!!!!!!!!!! Very creative!
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i'll be allright in a minute..just a bit stressed you might say...
03/25/06 12:28 AM GMT
I like it, although I'm not quite sure as to what it is. 10/10 for sheer creativity.
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03/25/06 2:54 PM GMT
hi andrew, wow, this is stunning, i love it! great job
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reality is elusive
03/25/06 3:12 PM GMT
Ten from me.

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03/25/06 5:06 PM GMT
Absolutely Stunning...Great work..
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03/25/06 6:10 PM GMT
WOW :D it's like being underwater! lol :D great work!
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03/25/06 6:41 PM GMT
Tidal waves! This looks like a sunami. lol. Very cool. =0)
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03/29/06 4:23 AM GMT
Exceptional image. Love it.
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03/29/06 11:49 PM GMT
Wow, I love turquoise's my favorite color. I like the underwater look of it. Great job!
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04/30/06 2:54 PM GMT
Another astounding image Andrew. I have never seen images like these before... beautiful.
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05/14/06 4:52 AM GMT
I like the color nice work
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alwayz try ur hardest on something u want and u might just get it!
02/11/07 11:29 PM GMT
I'm feeling sickly. I dont like the after-effects of being sucked down a whirlpool. My head and my stomache, ohhhhh. = ( Other than that, awesome rendering of being underwater!! Color usage is phenomenal! That is one hell of a cool idea. Kudos to ya.
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03/19/07 2:06 AM GMT
Gorgeous. Wonderful colours, breath-takingly beautiful. Outstanding design. A simple structure with the most fabulous subtle design details. I don't see a whirlpool but rather a vessel of some kind approaching through the ocean - maybe deep, deep down and the vessel and/or a docking station is providing the light. Maybe higher up and the docking point is on a shelf or rock. Mysterious setting, begging for a story. Lovely work.

- cfr
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11/03/08 8:49 AM GMT
I really like the feel of this work. Excellent creation!
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12/26/08 4:57 PM GMT
All the comments before mine say it all. This is awesome!
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