Endless Chairs (cropped)  

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Uploaded: 02/27/09 9:02 PM GMT
Endless Chairs (cropped)
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Looking down from Stratton Mountain, VT


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02/27/09 11:40 PM GMT
I, personally, can see your image's here previous incarnation.

A suggestion for future reference ...

Perhaps having left the previous version in your galleries for a bit, for the comparative stuff ... as well, to keep the constructive critique you received up ... might work and aid your viewers in offering up their thoughts?

That said ... the crop does work better.

And not to drive you crazy, to my eyes ... and looking at the two versions ... and in my humble opinion of course ... think the middle ground between the two might work a tad better.

No question though, that you have indeed enhanced the visual representations of repetitive shape and form with your presentation here. Add to that, I do like that the expansiveness of the background has been kicked up as well.

Good tonalities.

A suggestion on that front, again, hope you don't mind ... some additional contrast in the midtones and shadows might serve to delineate things a bit better overall and add some more dimensionality.

/\ Just some thoughts, 'tis all.

Caught your first version and it caught my eye, saw this one and finally found some time to comment. You have a very nice gallery shaping up.

And but of course, thanks for sharing this one with us. Fresh stuff equals good good stuff in my books. :o)
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"An eye for an eye, and soon the whole world is blind." - Mahatma Gandhi
03/01/09 1:13 PM GMT
Love the view down the mountain. Can almost imagine the ride down. Very nice!
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03/01/09 10:56 PM GMT
I can feel the spaceness of this photo and because I am afraid of heights, can also feel the fear.
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03/06/09 1:52 PM GMT
Very Nice Shot!! Great snow scene, I'm thinking the same thing as Vivianne about the height. My first reaction was oh my goodness look how high up that is. You did a great capture of this.
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