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Uploaded: 03/12/05 1:18 PM GMT
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i was in a red mood. enjoy


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03/12/05 1:48 PM GMT
Great work Shar.. love the colour and the design...
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03/12/05 3:02 PM GMT
Beautiful design. Reminds me of a fiery idol. Cheers Al.
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03/12/05 3:30 PM GMT
Wow...wonderful colors and an excellent design. Great work.
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03/12/05 4:23 PM GMT
It does look like one of those Incan masks. I like it. The red looks very good
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03/12/05 9:39 PM GMT
You must be in the zone at the moment, what a great pair this and firestar make. This one has a bit more of a solid feel to it, reminds me of plummage. The colours are again wonderful and suit the image perfectly, great work.

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03/12/05 10:11 PM GMT
Reminds me of the feathered serpent god of the ancient Mexicans (I'm not even going to attempt to spell it). Beautiful and original work!
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03/13/05 3:53 AM GMT
Top marks from me. I stand in awe! Have a great day!
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03/13/05 1:49 PM GMT
very nice, looks like an owls face amongst other things made of fire. :~)
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03/13/05 4:11 PM GMT
Very nice image design and choice of color. Well done.
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03/19/05 5:27 AM GMT
I must have looked at these in the same order as Ben. Both have a wonderful new look about them and are probably my favs of yours to date.
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04/28/05 2:08 PM GMT
I like the red in it well done.
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03/31/06 3:47 PM GMT
Beautiful Shar, love it. This came up in my booth today & I wanted to let you know how great I think this is ....10 from me !
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08/31/06 3:03 PM GMT
Great Job, it loks like a creature encased by flames....Kat
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12/14/06 9:45 PM GMT
nice work it looks like a face like of a tiger or lion
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