Tynemouth Priory  

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Uploaded: 08/19/06 8:54 PM GMT
Tynemouth Priory
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This a picture of the Priory on top of the cliffs at Tynemouth,which I took on a dull and damp day.I thought Id try to alter this photo,by adding light ,and make it look like a night time scene.I hope you all like it and give me some comments on it.


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08/19/06 11:14 PM GMT
What a fabulous manip you've created here. The lighting is awesome and the whole post is just very nice. Thanks for sharing it.
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All the wonders you seek are within yourself. Always glad to see visitors at My Gallery and thanks for your continued kind words and constant support. Anita
08/19/06 11:24 PM GMT
You have accomplished it very well Brian. Absolutely gorgeous what you've done with this. The sunset here is amazing. The lighting on the Priory shows every detail and looks so beautiful in this light. Excellent work. Straight into my favs. Thanks Brian.
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08/20/06 3:17 AM GMT
You captured the lighting very well!
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08/20/06 4:03 AM GMT
ignorant me doesn't know what this place is, but your beautiful picture has just inspired me to go find out.
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08/20/06 5:24 AM GMT
Great work ere mate. Very nicely done. A keeper.
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08/20/06 10:19 AM GMT
*SPOT-ON* Pal.......Cracker of a job on it.......Now pick me up and we'll gan 'photy hunting'......."Howz Tuesday grab you"
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*Please forgive me, for not replying to every one of your lovely images-Problems with my hands is making it difficult at present* Dunstickin's Gallery
08/21/06 3:57 AM GMT
Can I come along too? I wanna go photy hunting too. sniff. Love this composition. I think what we have here is a dodge and burn expert. Boy, that is super work. Excellent Shedhead, me lad.
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08/21/06 3:28 PM GMT
Thanks all I really appreciate your comments
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I might not have enough time to respond to all your pictures.But I will see them all.
08/21/06 11:46 PM GMT
Wow that is some excellent work! Thanks for sharing! :)
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08/25/06 11:10 AM GMT
WOW... Brian this is a beauty... very haunting and mysterious feel to it... love the lighting.. fantastic manipulation.... very well done..
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08/25/06 4:23 PM GMT
Good grief, Brian... this is incredible. How on earth did you do such a magnificent manipulation.... and with what?????

S U P E R B !!

PS: Please take Bob up on his offer [above] to go out to play on Tuesday. It'll get him off site for a few hours!
PPS: Congratulations on becoming a Grandpa-pa!

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08/25/06 8:47 PM GMT
You must be a master in manipulation! This is breathtaking... what a light... Great job!
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08/25/06 8:57 PM GMT
A great job. Maybe the powers that be can add some spotlights and use this as an example of how to do it. Into my favs and desktop without a doubt. Thanks.

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08/26/06 1:26 PM GMT
outstanding....totally gorgeous! one of the best ever I've seen on this site!
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08/30/06 12:39 AM GMT
Superb, this is a 10 and I am adding it to my favs Brian! The light in this is awesome, so surreal and dreamy. Excellent photography and manipulation, Bravo!
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I am still extremely busy with projects but hopefully things should slow down by the end of the summer. Please know that I appreciate you all and will stop by and visit your images as often as I can. My best to all my friends. Sincerely, Carrie
09/04/06 9:49 AM GMT
I have here also been but not in the evening only by day. It gives a complete mysterious impact with the light. Superb photo!
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11/21/06 5:01 AM GMT
Very nice work! Love it!
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03/29/07 3:48 AM GMT
This popped up in Featured Images. I'm sure I've tucked this away somewhere before. What a super job on this one. It's easy to see how it has over 1000 views. Thanks for sharing this great effort. Very impressive.
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10/27/07 3:10 PM GMT
YOu mean you added all the lights on this? I thought sure there were spotlights down below the structure. This is an amazing picture. One of the best on this site.

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Imagine you are there
11/22/07 12:21 AM GMT
very fine
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01/09/09 2:06 PM GMT
This is amazing!
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No Sig, Just, I want to say "Thank You" to all of the talented photographers for giving me the most beautiful desktops I could ever imagine. The artistry here is breathtaking.
06/11/09 3:49 AM GMT
This is the first time I've seen this. And it is absolutely magnificent!! How beautiful the whole photo is! And how fortunate you are to be able to see such a place. How grand that you were able to add the lights and make it appear as tho they are really there! It's truly a beautiful photo. I am saving it, and maybe one day when I improve as an artist, I would love to have a go at doing a canvas painting of this. For now, tho, I am putting it on my desktop to enjoy. Thanx so so much. Verena
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08/10/09 3:32 AM GMT
.` ♥..
..) .*)
..) .*)
(.♥ (.♥

Gave you a 10 in VB just now:))
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04/06/11 5:53 PM GMT
Awesome! Reminds me of Shadow of the Colossus!
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07/12/11 4:46 PM GMT
What country is this in? It's absolutely beautiful... I can picture a host of weary warriors standing beneath the trees staring up at the stark stone edifice that will be their welcome shelter... Wow! Amazing! Keep it up!

P.S. If you get a chance, take a look at my gallery. Any comments, criticisms, or advice on any of my recent pics would be greatly appreciated. Have an awesome day!
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11/24/12 8:36 AM GMT
You did an amazing job. I can tell a lot of work went into that and it paid off.
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funny the things that just pop up during adventures :)

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