End of Days  

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Uploaded: 04/01/06 3:51 AM GMT
End of Days
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Dont you hate when planets get in the way? Youd' think they'd be better at dodging. Anyway, this was made in photoshop 7.0, and the asteroids were rendered, textured, massaged, and loved in 3dsmax. Give this a home on your desktop!


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04/01/06 5:46 AM GMT
Fantastic work... lots of movement, great 3D effects love it.. it does look great on the desktop.. very well done
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04/01/06 7:00 AM GMT
Way cool! Outstanding work. =0)
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04/01/06 12:15 AM GMT
Wicked render Michael!! Great overall comp and depth of field!! Splenderific detail!!

~plop, right into my favs~
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04/02/06 4:48 AM GMT
Very cool! Could be a cut scene from a SF movie. Great design.
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04/02/06 7:23 AM GMT
Wowzers! :D Another great one, your fist post is still my favorite though, can't wait to see what you'll pull out next! :D
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04/02/06 8:19 PM GMT
Shirosynth, you've posted this picture on March 1, 2004 at DeviantArt under the name 'Abaddon'. Why did you change the name? That's wrong?
By the way, it's a great picture that I have over two years now! Thank you!
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04/04/06 1:45 AM GMT
Very powerful image. It makes one wonder how much is really out there to discover. Great job on this!
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04/11/06 3:56 AM GMT
Holy Crap you made his one Photshop 7.0?!?!?! Man I am working with photshop 7.0 myself and don't ask me to do something like that seriousley this is amazing but to my deffence I am kinda of a newbie at it so.
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04/14/06 2:01 PM GMT
excellent combination of styles and software applications here - really has created a stunning overall effect. well done.
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04/16/06 12:03 AM GMT
reminds me of star trek =P ....thats a good thing btw.
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Weeeeee, flying is fun. Watching Star Trek is funner!
04/17/06 5:22 PM GMT
Sweet! Very nice image. I like how you captured the searing heat and sheer force of the asteroid upon the planet. Nice work.
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04/18/06 12:38 AM GMT
This is so very cool Michael. And so realistic. I love it, and it's going right to my desktop as I am writing this. Keep it up.

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05/20/06 3:51 PM GMT
fantastic work! not sure whats going on though :)
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06/06/06 5:13 PM GMT
An exclusive image!! Really beautiful and look at that explosion
All the images you've uploaded til now are amazing.
It's much better then i could do. The explosion is really spaced out and
And the asteroids are well lighted .And realistic to. In short very
impressive work!!! I hope i'll see some more images from you.
Keep it up! Great job!

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06/11/06 6:59 PM GMT
This is my one of my favorite (top 10) renders/images ive seen...and yet it only has a c-index of 61:100!?
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If I had 1 qeradabillion (doesnt exist) dollars, I would first donate a 100000000 dollars to ... =P ...then i could go grab some tacos from taco bell.
07/09/06 12:38 AM GMT
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07/14/06 11:18 PM GMT
pretty sweet pick Michael. i really like the detail that you've put into it.

Thanks for sharing :P
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Those are just my two cents...
07/16/06 4:08 AM GMT
More Awesome Pyro!!! Bravo and Encore!
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09/27/06 10:12 PM GMT
Very awesome....... One of my favorites...... every glance brings out new details......
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10/17/06 1:43 PM GMT
One word....STUNNING!!

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Don Haney Mt. Vernon Studios
10/20/06 12:46 AM GMT
blood red eye....
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12/03/06 10:22 PM GMT
Where did the full view go? It is not here anymore?
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Don Haney | Mt. Vernon Studios | |
12/03/06 10:31 PM GMT
Nevermind it is back now. I was getting some message about the Chihiuaha's were here or something like that. i thought Caedes got hacked.

Any way Love this image!
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Don Haney | Mt. Vernon Studios | |
12/14/06 10:49 PM GMT
A superb piece of work. Top quality!
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01/25/07 6:53 PM GMT
sweet pic, this is kinda how i thought the world would end.
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02/04/07 2:27 AM GMT
This is sooooooooooooooooo awesome! Looks so realistic, fantastic job!
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05/13/07 5:29 AM GMT
This is fantastic! You have indeed put lots of love into creating those asteroids. I was suprised upon opening it properly to see just how many little ones there are! Must have taken you an age. =) Well done!
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05/31/07 4:58 AM GMT
This is undoubtedly my favourite image on the site. It has lots of movement, colour, and lighting. It looks incredibly realistic and I cannot find anything wrong with it. Great image, and I hope to see more of your work. 10/10
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09/26/07 12:33 AM GMT
Is this the one that took out the dinosaurs or the one that gets rid of us? Scary and fascinating.
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09/30/07 10:35 PM GMT
Incredible picture, I like the flame affect and it went directly to my favorits. Nice job
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11/04/07 2:44 PM GMT
stunning.... which software did you use to create such realistic art?
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11/09/07 10:00 PM GMT
better this than Hillary
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12/31/07 1:21 AM GMT
Me like, very cool
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09/27/08 11:11 AM GMT
VERY nicely done
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07/24/09 1:09 AM GMT
very cool the color saturation and, well, the drama of it. great job
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11/12/11 11:28 PM GMT
Saw this on the Homepage...Likey...faved
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