Catherine The Small  

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Uploaded: 09/23/09 4:52 PM GMT
Catherine The Small
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Every one knows the Russian Empress Catherine The Great. Please meet the Queen of the cage, Catherine The Small. It's a 8-month-old short-haired Syrian hamster female. The color is officially honey-black but it looks very orange.


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09/23/09 5:50 PM GMT
Well she is a fine looking little hamster friend. Nice shot of her.

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09/23/09 8:03 PM GMT
I used to have these lil friends also, a nice colored hamster, a cute pic
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I dont concider myself an artist,just a photographer..I use a Pentax K-10D
09/23/09 11:42 PM GMT
Looking at the other entries for the orange competition I can comfortably say that yours is the cutest entry so far.

Good luck, & say hi to Catherine for me.
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09/24/09 6:20 AM GMT
Very cute!
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09/24/09 5:27 PM GMT
What a cutie and just the right color for our orange contest...good luck.
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01/14/10 3:44 PM GMT
What a 'great' title for a picture of a small furry friend.
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