Out of the Past  

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Uploaded: 03/03/06 3:08 AM GMT
Out of the Past
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An old truck, weathering the desert of New Mexico, in the mining Ghost Town of Steins.


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03/03/06 3:31 AM GMT
That is different! I like it in sepia. It's now in my fav's.
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03/03/06 4:25 AM GMT
Wonderful image Doug! Sepia is a perfect choice for this shot...really makes it come alive. Good job!
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03/03/06 6:44 AM GMT
I really like this & is wonderfully done in sepia. The title is fitting also... it makes you wonder the many travels of this old truck & why it ended up in the desert. Well done.
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03/03/06 7:55 PM GMT
Great capture of this old truck...the sepia tone really fits well with the does have a rather ghostly appearance...good job on this...a shame it isn't larger though.:Pat.
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03/04/06 6:57 AM GMT
Nice pic but only 800x600.
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03/04/06 7:42 AM GMT
This one's kind of spooky! "Christine's Grandfather" Wonderful color effects and a great capture...
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03/04/06 9:36 AM GMT
Beautiful old relic This looks great in the sepia effect. Very fitting for a desert photo. Thanks for posting.
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03/07/06 1:58 PM GMT
Hahaha, Cool what Ron said: "Christine's grandfather" !!!!!! { From Stephen King's famous Christine in case anyone didn't get that...}
The truck definitely has personality and the sky...and tone you gave the whole piece....just perfectly excellent!
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03/09/06 2:39 AM GMT
I can't really even describe how cool this is. Great job!
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03/11/06 4:18 PM GMT
Love the sepia!
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03/12/06 12:07 AM GMT
Beautiful capture!! One of a kind!
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03/16/06 8:51 PM GMT
Beautiful tones and smoothness in this one. Like the weeds growing in the shelter of the fan and the angle of the clouds as if they're streaming past the vehicle.
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01/01/08 11:56 AM GMT
Quite stunning. Love the tone and contrast range, outstanding photo. 10/10

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