Brushed-Metal Caedes  

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Uploaded: 04/04/04 7:24 PM GMT
Brushed-Metal Caedes
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Status: active

A modified version of the 3-D Caedes; the six thumbnails of the "Top New Images" become enlarged when the mouse moves over them.


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04/05/04 11:58 AM GMT
I am interested by the concept but personally find it a little dark - my 40+ year old eyes need more contrast than this! For this reason also I find the background distracting. But in its favour, I like that it is a good foil for the artworks, and the divisions are clear between areas of text. good effort.
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never give up
04/06/04 11:37 AM GMT
I agree, it is a bit dark...Cool though.
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04/30/04 8:55 AM GMT
(Oh, subscribe *first*, then post...)

I like it, puts me in mind of doors, like you might finish reading what's meets the eye then click into someone's secret diary. The colorful pics give it a very ample lift I think. Grand work, code it up! :)
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