The Scope of Ghendar (Old Version)  

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Uploaded: 02/02/04 8:24 PM GMT
The Scope of Ghendar (Old Version)
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02/02/04 9:34 PM GMT

great work!
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02/02/04 9:56 PM GMT
Agree with PuMa. Great and imaginative edit, and thanks for using my favorite mountain scene as part of it. =)
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Mary, the Caedes-addicted-BarGnat
02/03/04 1:18 AM GMT
what is this
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02/03/04 12:26 AM GMT
Very nice work,agree with PuMa.
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carpe diem.
02/03/04 1:31 PM GMT
I love you idea. Nice execution too. :)
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02/04/04 2:49 AM GMT
Thank you all for the nice comments. Marideath: I'm glad you liked the mountain and what was done here. Luv your work too!! Again, thanks everybody!! :)
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"I'm not going there to die.... I'm going to find out if I'm alive"
02/04/04 11:57 AM GMT
This is quite a remarkable edit when you consider what you started with; it really does appear that you are looking through a glass object. If you are going to do any more work on this, I suggest trying to make the "scope" look a little more mystical somehow... maybe it's just me but it looks like the glass turntable from my microwave oven. But then again, you don't want to change it too much from the original image, so ignore my comment if you want.
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-Everyone is entitled to my opinion-
02/08/04 11:18 PM GMT
Nice image
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06/14/04 9:41 AM GMT
LOL! Bring forth the scope of Ghendar.. or is that the scope of Evian

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11/24/04 9:46 PM GMT
Glass object? Are the daft too blind to see and enjoy this deep drink of beauty from the bottom of an empty water bottle? Thirst queched. Nice peice.

~Rudy Rockstar :-)
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06/24/06 10:57 AM GMT
THis just came thru the voting booth, and I like the effect of the glass, its very interesting for sure, and makes the scene just "pop"..thanx for the shot..verena
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