All By Myself  

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Uploaded: 09/07/06 4:25 AM GMT
All By Myself
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This is another picture from my backpacking trip to Mt. Adams, in Washington. My dad, sis and I had the entire lake to ourselves, and we got this capture on one of our "exploration" hikes around camp. Feel free to critique me--I want to become better at taking pictures. Also please tell me if you think our tent ruins the picture-I feel too lazy to find out how to remove it right now. Thanks to the commentors!


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09/07/06 11:37 AM GMT
It's a beautiful sight with lovely sky and nice composition. Like the reflections in the late very much. Full screen the tent is a bit more visible and I would probably have tried to take it out but it's certainly not a big distraction because of the darkness around it. Looks like a great place to be 'all by myself'. Nicely done.
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09/07/06 5:00 PM GMT
Oh, you lucky dog, you. But, aren't you scared of a bear coming along? This composition needs a lot more light. I would have missed seeing the tent had Anita not mentioned it. Still, I can see the beauty in the place and understand your love for it.
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09/07/06 9:16 PM GMT
I like the image a lot, but on the other hand, i find it a little spooooky to.
Do not know why.
Maybe because i have the idea that a large hidden animal might be just behind the next tree ?
Regarding the tent, i like it, it puts a dynamic extra into the image, nature is beautifull but sometimes needs some human tough, her it is the tent, well done.
You asked about comments, and how to take better images.
Well, the composition of this one is just right, but in some simular sircomstances, like here, it could be fun to have a nature cadre setting on top of the image.
Just find a tree with a large brench, and stand under it, and use the brench as a natural cadre of your image.
All in all, good work, and thank you for the posting.
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09/08/06 2:35 AM GMT
Justine, I think you've done a fine job here. I like the darkness of the trees and the lovely way they and the sky reflect so clearly in the water. I would have cloned out the tent, as I think in nature pictures like this that I want to see as much unspoiled beauty as I can, but as you can see from dutchposting's comments, it's all a matter of taste and how your viewer in that regard you just have to make a decision of how YOU like it and send it...oh, and holding your breath helps when you push the submit suppose PatAndre's right about the lighting, but I like the darkness of the trees if for nothing else but the stark contrast it makes for the lovely, light and delicately colored sky. There are many hues of blue and shades in the clouds...I like it, and hope to see more of your good work. You have a wonderful eye for composition, by the way as shown by the manner in which you've angled this capture with the water creating a gently curving half circle :)PJ
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09/26/06 2:10 PM GMT
Nice short ; i love those reflections.
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