Foot Bridge In the Fog  

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Uploaded: 07/31/16 5:17 PM GMT
Foot Bridge In the Fog
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07/31/16 6:13 PM GMT
Well, Chris...for one thing, what I see here is your love for bridges and each and every one that you've ever posted here have been beautiful, in terms of perspective, texture, lighting, and yes, hue too...your images always portray a high standard and this one does not disappoint fills all the above criteria and then some, with the composition, clarity and reflection in the water, and the subtle glow the sun casts thru the trees and within the fog...when it comes to art, different hues can sometimes display an imagination and an intriguing do what you's always good.
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07/31/16 6:24 PM GMT
Of course you have since removed the one your talking about from before, but I do remember it. I wanted to get a refresher as to who gave the critque, I bet I can find out! Lol! Chris you always put so much effort into each post, with you it's not quantity, it is quality!!! We all see things differently, and sometimes when I get a comment of what someone else thinks I should have done, yes maybe so, but at the time that is not what I was aiming for in my image, just saying that happens for me sometimes, not all the time. :) tigs=^..^=
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Nature in all her glory is my uplift on life and so is my love of photography. sandi ♪ ♫
07/31/16 6:24 PM GMT
I really like everything about your image Stylo - Great Capture and editing!!!!! p.s. I hope you pulled this one from the bin - as you gotta watch your footing these days.
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07/31/16 8:21 PM GMT
stylo, I think you have been scamming us on saying to the effect that you weren't much good in photography. Shet yo trap. this is gorgeous. I couldn't do it.
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07/31/16 8:54 PM GMT
I remember this one! I've downloaded quite a few of your images, so I won't lose them.

But...I agree with Momma Pat! lol I couldn't do this either.

If you look at everyone's favorites, they are all different. I was shocked when I first saw that because I'm trying to learn about good photography and discovered that taste is a very big component. Anyway, this is a beautiful shot.
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07/31/16 9:07 PM GMT
Some people want photos that "look" natural , without much color editing. This is an outstanding photo , well composed and beautiful. The first thing I noticed was the saturation , but , I like what you did , it works for me. I hope that you understand his point about it however poorly he worded it.
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07/31/16 9:29 PM GMT
I agree with all above. Any idiot with a good digital camera can pop out a decent picture but what makes a picture unique and art, if you will, is what your own vision of it is as the photographer. A great photo has to express more than just what was seen with the naked eye. Whew! Having said more than I usually do let me say I faved this as I think it is truly beautiful.
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. . . Earth laughs in flowers! Ralph Waldo Emerson
08/01/16 4:19 AM GMT
Chris, high achievement in composition and editing. Your colors are terrific too. You must be very proud of this one! ~~ John
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08/01/16 12:48 AM GMT
Now we are truly an aritist community! these are wonderful comments and compliments. im very moved by all of them. im glad each and everyone of you understood what it was i tired to put forth with(not so much the pic) but my narrative.

I've learn so much from many of you here at Caedes, if not for veiwing all of your great pieces SAW...and also many of you here at Caedes. this pic wouldnt be presented as is. you have taught me a great deal from just browsing your Gallary, not to mention always there to help and answer any questions i have. veiwing is learning! as many of you know its not been easy this summer on this kid...Dang! thank you SAW.

My dear friend.. you have taught me so many things here at Caedes as well, you might not think so, passing infor and trading ideas back in forth? we all grow together. no one person can know all of this!(even though some think they do) watching you improve so much over the last few yr? Ive learned right along side you as well. thank you for giving me the opportunity and trust.

yes! it was from the bin, lol. one i didnt even have to bend over to retrieve it. im not sure i could've walk to this location right now without paying a price later in the day. you definitely got a chuckle out of me with your comment. humor here at Caedes is somethng we always can use. brightens a persons day :) thank you

NO.. for real im a rookie, put the gun
yeah right, you cant do this? hummm.. ive seen your sky pics! wonderful beauties they are! we all seem to have our own little niche in this art form. when we all work together here, comment honestly, which makes us grow together, we are all very powerful in knowledge together as one. a mentor of mine once told me "a smart person isnt the one that has all the answers..but one that knows where to find them! here at Caedes is the answers to our Photography. someone is bound to know the answer, its great that we do help each other like we do. and many of you know i will ask...and i know i will get help!

i felt that same overwhelming feeling, still do! how do i get to these levels all these people have gotten to? (by just veiwing!) take a little from each of us and then toss aside the things you dont care for, keep an open mind to ideas...any your style will emerge, blossom and grow into your own style. a unique one with a little bit of all of us within.

yes, i do unerstand a lot of people like unedited natural looking photo's. there's no such thing as a flawless pic. why not get the best out of what you took? i think clicking that shutter button is just half the battle...even in a natural looking photo taken! there's always room for improvements, the camera rarely gets it right...not to say it wont..but you know what i mean. it is nice to know how to use the camera to get the best out of it. who wants to sit and apply blur to water to show a wispy look when you can do it just by paying attention to your shutter speeds. so yes, i do understand your comment, it was a very good point. i also appreciate your compliment you gave, than you.

you hit the nail right on the head! exactly! do i need say more? great point and...thank you for the wondeful compliment.

your that one with that niche i was talking about. true wall hangers you present. walpapers people will want! pictures that draws one into your work. its very unique! wonderful to veiw not what you see but...what you feel! you truly do understand what i was talking about. i also had you in mind when writing that narrative. it truly was an honor for you to rework this pic.

OK, tired of typing its great to see we are that "artist community" as the site states so! we provide wallpapers to the general public as well. unique pictures they want as screen saver, DT'S ect... one shouldnt forget that when uploading, its nice to post an occasional joke, maybe even a personal snap shot(shhhhh dont tell mimi i said that..yikes. we're not suppose to post snap shots) however, we should always keep in mind this is a wallpaper site...give the people what they want and be proud of it!

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08/02/16 5:26 PM GMT
Light reflection colors all good only one thing faults it I did not take it Looolllll very very good Stylo.

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The reason why the sun sets in the evening is because it wants to see the sunrise in the morning. I rise in the morning because I want to see them both. RvdB
08/06/16 3:13 PM GMT
This is a very nice photo terrifically processed. Thank you for posting!
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08/13/16 11:37 PM GMT
Good job Sty. Sorry for not commenting sooner. This is a very beautiful work.
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Life's moments are sweet. I just want to capture all that I can of them.
11/02/16 1:25 PM GMT
Beautiful work!

It starts to download slowly from the top, and all you can think is "that sky looks like it's from an Old Master!"

I love the way the sunshine touches everything with a buttery gold. I've also seen Casechaser's version -- they are both very lovely.
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