time for some squares  

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Uploaded: 04/25/05 10:33 PM GMT
time for some squares
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...a quick 3d piece of work....


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04/25/05 10:40 PM GMT
very nice abstract
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04/26/05 12:12 AM GMT
This is nice. If quick, it doesn't show to me. I like the shadowplay, light, color choices, and clean design.
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04/26/05 12:54 AM GMT
Very cool.
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04/26/05 2:30 AM GMT
I like this a lot! It makes a great desktop. It has a great sleekness and I like how you've give the sqares a slightly rounded egde. Nice work!
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04/26/05 10:34 AM GMT
Quick!? Wonderful and great turquois color and interlocking shapes
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04/26/05 9:47 PM GMT
Wow, how does everyone do the 3d, that's amazing, or at least i think it is.
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04/27/05 2:00 AM GMT
very cool
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05/04/05 2:22 AM GMT
Nice job on this! I love the blue you picked out, and the idea to use squares (instead of the often used cylinder or circle) gives it a nice original touch. The only small suggestion I could make is perhaps to have the back right square not so..washed out I guess. Otherwise it's perfect ;-)
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05/04/05 10:24 PM GMT
I love the clarity in that picture. Very good job!
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05/06/05 10:02 PM GMT
Sweet :)
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06/28/05 4:22 PM GMT
Great 3D Art work, nicely done..................
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07/05/05 4:41 PM GMT
Very well done. Very clean, perfect for the desktop.
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10/28/06 2:42 PM GMT
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02/09/07 9:01 PM GMT
Like the shadows and fading effect .Simplicity and a modern feel to it..
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05/07/07 10:28 PM GMT
Very nicely done. A unique concept.
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