Another Deep Blue 4 U  

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Uploaded: 12/22/08 11:43 PM GMT
Another Deep Blue 4 U
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this is awesome


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12/23/08 4:34 AM GMT
It is a beautiful composition of blues! From the deep blue of the water to the bright blue in the sky,Gorgeous!
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12/26/08 1:10 PM GMT
Well composed shot. The photo seems to capture even the coldness of the air. Nice work.
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12/28/08 6:34 PM GMT
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12/29/08 5:32 PM GMT
It is a nice picture,the view and colors are rather nice.
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12/29/08 9:13 PM GMT
Is a good shot. Could be a great shot. The only problem I have with it is the lack of contrast. It's just very monotone to me. But the placement is good, the subject matter is beautiful, and the idea of the shot is well thought out! Keep it up!
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12/30/08 12:05 AM GMT
its my own picture why do i have to leave a comment?
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