Graffiti Artist  

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Uploaded: 09/26/10 1:41 AM GMT
Graffiti Artist
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I thought it was cool


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09/26/10 2:07 AM GMT
...Especially with the "Oz" in there! Nice presentation...Favs...
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09/28/10 10:53 AM GMT
interesting subject...nicely presented!
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09/29/10 1:22 PM GMT
a bit blurry when viewed full size.
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09/29/10 2:04 PM GMT
Very well captured. This is an artform all in its own.
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09/30/10 1:02 PM GMT
What can I say about this one? Seems very blurred to me and some may call this art, but I can't see it. It does have a lot of color.
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09/30/10 1:20 PM GMT
I'm a fan of different graffiti and this one is a great find. It's just a tad on the blurry side for me though.
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"Hurry to meet Death before your place is taken."
09/30/10 5:26 PM GMT
Very interesting photo and keeps you looking but there is a bit of blur.
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09/30/10 7:39 PM GMT
I am working on the blur part thanks for letting me know
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"my pictures" Together we can accomplish the extraordinary,
11/04/10 1:36 AM GMT
i try to do that but with drawing but i just end up doing bubble letters!! nice colors!
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