Dawn in Mobile Bay, NL.  

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Uploaded: 07/17/07 3:32 AM GMT
Dawn in Mobile Bay, NL.
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I got up at some ungodly hour (4:30 am) and staggered down to the shoreline to get the sun coming up. I wanted it out of the ocean but I was in the wrong spot. The sky and rocks are ok though.


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07/17/07 3:55 AM GMT
I like the effect of the slow shutter on the water. Shots like this make it worth getting up at o'dark thirty to catch that special time of day. Very good job.
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07/17/07 4:56 AM GMT the water..made me crinkle my toes..*smiles*...what a gorgeous sky and thank you so much for making this sacrifice for the rest of us here. This shot is priceless :)


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07/18/07 1:19 AM GMT
This is AWESOME! Sure hope I get to vote on this one, it's a 10 10 10 10 !
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07/19/07 4:38 PM GMT
i think this is more than ok! i love the movement in the water, again it looks so powerful, and the sky is just magnificent. this picture just leaves me in awe, great work! ~abby
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i apologize for my delay in replying to all of your wonderful comments...i am busy working a couple of jobs and enjoying the last summer with my friends
07/23/07 1:30 PM GMT
Great Shot here Russell. WEll done my friend. It was well worth getting up for at 4:30am but better you than me!!!
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07/24/07 10:35 AM GMT
Stunning shot absolutely amazing (FAVS)!!!
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09/26/07 11:08 AM GMT
"The sky and rocks are ok though." What an understatement !! the sky and rocks and everything about this are far more than ok - it is a great picture well deserving its high score. The thought of getting up at 4.30 - that is dedication and your efforts paid off with this most delightful picture. It seems quite cool and the misty spray from the waves is almost touchable.
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