Green Mountain Lake  

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Uploaded: 04/02/06 1:11 PM GMT
Green Mountain Lake
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My expirementation with Terragen will probably never end, but anyway, here is another image. As usual, auto levels and cropped in Photoshop. Tell me what you think. Please, if you want to use one of my gallery images, ask.


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04/02/06 1:40 PM GMT
Man! It didn't take you long to come up to speed in Terragen! Nice Pict!! I really like the "No Sky" effect. That's awsome!!!
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04/02/06 1:40 PM GMT
Excellent job...this is coming from someone who has yet to master any type of 3D application so I am in awe :)
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04/02/06 6:49 PM GMT
Beautifully done...Great sky, although it would be better with maybe some stars or a meteor..but this looks really inviting
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Tomorrow might never be + When you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything - Doc Brown
04/02/06 8:48 PM GMT
Fantastic job. Like the dark blue sky. Can't wait to see more. Well done.
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Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.....Ralph Waldo Emerson
04/06/06 3:59 PM GMT
Good image .. I've experimented with terragen a little bit .. the size limitations of the trial version keep me from working with it further ( I generally work at 3200x2400, then shrink down with photoshop) .. but I need to get back into it for my own projects ..

the thing with terragen is that you often need to go the extra mile to keep it from looking like a "terragen render" and I don't have that expertise to explain how to do that ... but ... I do know how to link to other stuff .. LOL ...

Beyond the light .. by .. dilekt .. is an example of what I mean .. you need the atmospherics, the haze, and the moody light to wow your viewers .. (dilekt is the same age that you are .. but has been using terragen since the beginning .. and has access to the tips and tricks of his friends on the site)

HERE .. are his friends .. LOL .. this is a search on "Terragen Tutorial" .. not all of them are tutorials .. and you'll have to click on each one to find out what it is .. (that's a limitation of the search engine)

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04/11/06 1:19 AM GMT
Can't say enough! Keep experimenting!
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04/19/06 6:22 PM GMT
Oh, this is good! Your experimentation is turning out well. Like the slightly rippling water. The blues used are stunning. I like how the mountains are sort of popping up. Keep these coming!
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06/09/06 6:09 PM GMT
Yeah, that is a sweet render! The water reflections are amazing!
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