Worlds Unknown  

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Uploaded: 05/15/06 1:48 AM GMT
Worlds Unknown
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Status: active

A terragen render, auto levels in photoshop and photofiltre. Please, if you want to use one of my gallery images, ask.


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05/15/06 2:41 AM GMT
Nice landscape. The greens on the water looks awesome.
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05/17/06 7:35 AM GMT
A very beautiful Tg render, I really like the foam on the water!!
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Everyone has got a photographic memory, some have just run out of film...
05/17/06 7:18 PM GMT
Nice job on the computer effects. Bring on the lens flare!
PS. I liked the other pic as well.
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05/19/06 4:20 AM GMT
I do have to say that I like this one better than the one with the glare. I feel like the glare is taking some of the natural-ness (if that's a word) away from the overall world. They're still the shiznet though!
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06/14/06 11:08 PM GMT
I love it, but I think the hills in the back could be a little less round. Just a suggestion!
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I am the knight in the shadows.....

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