Rolling Sunset  

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Uploaded: 10/12/06 1:44 AM GMT
Rolling Sunset
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Just another Terragen render; I was bored. Tell me what you think. Please, if you wish to use one of the images from my gallery, ask!


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10/12/06 3:14 AM GMT
wow. The twilight adds it this realistic feel.. Except that too much detail in the further mountains subtracts from it... I'd think they'd be blurry. But I love the colors and shadows in this one... Beautiful. A strange planet among strange stars...
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10/12/06 3:27 AM GMT
The subtle colors & shadows really help make this one fairly realistic. Nicely done Tim !
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10/12/06 3:28 AM GMT
Nice work dude. I love the colors.
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10/12/06 3:30 AM GMT
Well THAT'S sweet!!!
Really like the effects around the sun. Great cloud scape too.
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10/12/06 3:40 AM GMT
I love those fiery sunset colors & the landscape is wonderful. A fantastic render Tim.
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10/13/06 11:26 AM GMT
Lovely glowing aspect to this. Warmth radiates. I like it! Nicely done!
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12/02/06 2:23 PM GMT
You know ...

I like this terrain. I don't want to go as far as saying it is one of your best ... but, IMHO, close for sure. Annnd ...

You have me thinking here. Suggestions, as always ... and my thoughts here are inspired by a recent image I saw on the site. jzaw's "Perfect Waters."

Drop the sun lower and introduce light and perhaps, some more visual interest as well, via the inclusion of a star field in the sky.

I particularly think that you have done well with the compositional balance.

The more I look at this one, the more possibilities I see in furthering its' development. And that is a compliment of the highest order from me.

Get bored more often. :oP
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04/24/18 12:10 AM GMT
Stunning, original and sensational effect with the colors and contrasts. Proportions are perfect, creativity abounds.
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