Too many ideas...  

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Uploaded: 03/16/07 12:13 AM GMT
Too many ideas...
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Coming out of the ACT and Michigan Merit Exams, this thought occurred to me... Tell me what you think.


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03/16/07 12:24 AM GMT
Now thats a good idea...actually a gr8 idea.
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03/16/07 2:11 AM GMT
sharpened right up to the eraser, and the fizzled out squigly...nice job on conveying the 'burned-out' message, Tim.

so how did the test go?
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03/16/07 4:13 AM GMT
I think you're very frugal to use your pencil down that far. Not a bad thing to be (frugal)in this economy. Your squiggle reminded me of a question mark. You were left wondering how well you might have done on the tests. You get a high mark for cleverness.
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03/16/07 10:59 AM GMT
You might need a new pencil before anymore new ideas there, guy! (LOL) Nice composition and theme...
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04/16/07 6:01 AM GMT
Oh, it's adorable. =] I love the fact it's such a small pencil. And the squiggle is really nice. Very creative...
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04/29/07 9:22 AM GMT
This is such a cute pic! My eyes follow the squiggle to the pencil, then my heart melts from it's stumpyness. Btw thank u for your nice comment. :)
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girls cant smile all the time
06/25/07 12:42 AM GMT
Hmm, I thought I had commented on your image here priorly.

Apparently not ... so, shall we? Good good. :o)

Really an excellent concept Tim. Truly.

A few tweaks to this one could easily elevate it. A revisit perhaps through the lens?

Paying closer attention to the lighting ... don't know of your camera's macro capabilities, however forging ahead ... some graphical elaboration on the 'too many ideas' might create some more visual interest, as in more 'scribbles' ... some legible as well, formulas, whichever. Just some thoughts.

Conceptually, easily a 10/10. I really like it.

Execution, good. :o)

I think you should let your inner creativity out more often, experimentation and fresh ideas are always most welcomed in my books.

Nice work.
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