Pretty in Periwinkle  

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Uploaded: 05/23/17 4:54 PM GMT
Pretty in Periwinkle
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Not sure what kind of flower this is... Taken with a Helios-44-2 lens (And my trusty Pentax K-s1), modified to have a square aperture. Minimally processed, the cross-hatch effect is from the lens aperture :)


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05/24/17 1:37 AM GMT
We have these flowers at the end of our driveway. Making a search on google images I found them to be named spiderwort. The ones here flower in the morning and wilt down later in the day. On cloudy days they last longer and if they are in shade they last longer. They provide some interesting fun in capturing them with a long zoom lens especially with early morning dew. I have a pentax K1000 film camera. The lens collection for that camera was wonderful and took beautifully sharp images for way back then. Your camera does good.
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Life's moments are sweet. I just want to capture all that I can of them.
05/24/17 7:58 AM GMT
I 'think' this is a kind of poppy Tim....It has the same type of stamen's...
Excellent capture too
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05/28/17 10:54 PM GMT
Such a lovely colour of periwinkle, such pretty blossoms and detail - they look like some type of violet almost looks like our African violets
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