Tiger by the Fence  

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Uploaded: 06/24/17 1:05 AM GMT
Tiger by the Fence
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One of the local lillies in bloom. Taken with a E Ludwig Meritar 2.9/50 lens (Which uses an ancient 3-element design) and my K-S1. Basically just cropped and sharpened from the raw.


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06/26/17 6:13 AM GMT
How's about.. a further crop?

... ...

In fact, since I am full of it (read; "suggestions").. I might have changed orientation to that of portrait.

Still on the note of presentation/orientation and tightening things up.. don't lose sight of retaining/capturing (more of) the vertical lines of the fence in the background.

As the green lines and horizontal bracing are interesting bits of added visual interest.

Which.. ahem.. works well with a vertical/portrait presentation.

... ...

Oh, and ignore the "enhancements" in the cropped example. I messed around some with Imgur's editing features.

That said..

I want to like this one more, and as is.. but, honestly?

The bloom looks a lil' lost and afloat in that sea of nothingness.

Whatever post processing you did, looks great and far superior to that Imgur mucking about and nonsense of mine. Crop (some more).. and your image here gets readily elevated in my humble opinion.
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06/26/17 10:17 PM GMT
This is really a stand-out with sharp focus and eye-popping color! The editing is excellent, as well. I think Les's suggestion is a good one if you are able to implement it.
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06/28/17 7:46 PM GMT
Pleasantly simple, with little to distract you from the main focus. The flower is very handsome, and knows it. :-)
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07/01/17 6:45 PM GMT
Super detail and colour - like the way it looks like the lily is popping out at me
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