Hubble Deep Field  

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Uploaded: 08/06/03 2:23 AM GMT
Hubble Deep Field
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All the light from one point where we could previously see nothing, exposed over 10 consecutive days. By the Hubble Space Telescope. Credit goes to NASA, and image is in public domain.


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08/06/03 2:27 PM GMT
Tris, do you know what each of these objects is?
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08/07/03 12:58 AM GMT
Umm... I hope you're kidding?

I don't think anyone does as far as designations and names. It's from a point smaller than a pinhead held at arms length, so...

But what they are? They're all galaxies... every single one of them... except for the ones that shine like stars... those are stars-- I can only see a few though, the rest of the like 1000 objects are galaxies.

A pinhead... think about it...
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03/25/04 2:46 PM GMT
I wonder in witch of these galaxies is/was/will be/ life.

Vini, vidi, vici. Caesar
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03/28/04 4:05 PM GMT
honestly didnt like it. i dont think I could age made a better one
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03/29/04 10:43 PM GMT
Gerson-- didn't like it? I don't get it... but thanks for the second part :)
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11/10/04 6:11 PM GMT
Most of the objects in this image are galaxies. I think the objects that have glares on them are stars.
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11/07/05 3:53 AM GMT
Trust me people, they are ALL galaxies. The Deep Field is an image taken of objects on the edge of the observable universe, some of these galaxies are 13 billion light years away.
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08/07/06 9:14 PM GMT
People are so stupid, arrogant, and conceeded. Look at this picture... try to grasp the significance of it.
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10/05/06 5:09 AM GMT
I can't grasp the significance - it is beyond my comprehension.

You want a definition of infinity - look at this picture and understand, as stated before, that this is an area of sky "smaller than a pinhead held at arms length."

Oops - there goes my mind!
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02/10/07 6:36 PM GMT
there's no way we're alone...
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08/29/07 12:41 AM GMT
Pretty much u r seeing what no one will ever reach, or dream of! >>IT IS THE MOST "AMAZING" THING u will ever get to view. crappy piece of folded paper its printed on tho:(
...hey some of those lights in space could be gone by now, it just takes awhile to get here lol
R.I.P Hubble
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03/25/08 6:55 PM GMT
Impossible we're alone. You got that right, Ice.
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09/19/08 4:43 PM GMT
This is the most significant picture ever taken by mankind. It's as simple as that.

Hubble was pointed at a black region of space and this is what turned up. Feeling small and insignificant already ?

Simply out of this world :)
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To err is human, but if the eraser wears out before the pencil, you're overdoing it a little.
03/20/12 5:24 PM GMT
1/24,000,000 of the whole sky. So multiply the number of objects in this pic(I underestimated about 600) by 24 million then multiply that by the number of stars in the SMALLEST galaxies (10 million) and you get a bare minimum of around 150 quadrillion stars. If 1% of those each had one planet that could sustain life, that would give us over 1,000,000,000,000,000 planets in the universe that could have life on them. I'm sure we're the only sentient life in the universe and the Earth is at the center of it all. :) If it took one second to scan each of those planets to see if it harbored life, if you never took a break, it would take over 40 million years to do so. And if during this scan a mere 0.0001% actually had life on it, there would be at least a billion planets to check out for intelligent life.
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03/20/12 5:44 PM GMT
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