Nothing gold can stay.  

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Uploaded: 02/04/04 9:44 AM GMT
Nothing gold can stay.
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Fun with typography... (From image C)


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02/04/04 10:07 AM GMT
Beautiful edit, I really like the color here, very rich.
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-Everyone is entitled to my opinion-
02/04/04 10:48 AM GMT
Agreed. :) The poem fits perfectly. Very nice idea and execution.
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02/04/04 5:34 PM GMT
Agree with Sam and Klas. This is beautiful, thought-provoking, and very imaginative. Kudos. =)
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Mary, the Caedes-addicted-BarGnat
02/04/04 7:09 PM GMT
Beautiful work and agree with the other comments.
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carpe diem.
02/04/04 9:29 PM GMT
agreed! Nice Work
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-somethings are just wonderful
02/04/04 9:39 PM GMT
Good work. Excellent colours.
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"The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, but wiser people so full of doubts." Bertrand Russell
02/04/04 10:54 PM GMT
excellent job.
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02/05/04 1:19 AM GMT
Thanks everyone for your wonderful comments!
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02/05/04 4:40 AM GMT
Great job! Agree with Sam & Klas.
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"To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk." (- Thomas Edison)
02/07/04 8:49 PM GMT
way to go frost!! that poem is in the outsiders... ha very nice and the silver is a nice contrast =)
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something inside of me has opened its eyes why did you put it there did you not realize this thing inside of me it screams the loudest sound sometimes i think i could -nin
02/08/04 7:54 PM GMT
This is much nicer. I really like your use of text. Beautiful job.
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02/21/04 2:32 AM GMT
I am going through the gallery and asking everyone who hasn't done so to note in their comments which starter image they used, it is a requirement if you want to be included in the judging. Thanks!
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-Everyone is entitled to my opinion-
02/29/04 5:53 AM GMT
the first time i've felt ultimately compelled to hurriedly download and put on the desktop. bravo. i love frost, and i love nature. what a beautiful combination. the gray finished it off. KUDOS!
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We've only got a hundred years to live.
02/29/04 6:46 AM GMT
Thanks Katie; might I say I thought it was a wonderful combination as well. I was messing around with the colors and once I saw gold, I knew exactly the poem to go with it. :)
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03/03/04 9:16 PM GMT
The poem almost made me cry cause it reminded me of The Outsiders. The poem and the leaf and the silver/gray background go together very well.
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03/17/04 1:35 AM GMT
Beautiful and meaningful poem; leaf just simple.
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05/18/04 9:17 AM GMT
Nicely done. not sure about whether it makes a background but fantastic pic nevertheless.

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07/21/04 11:12 PM GMT
I love the golden hue and I think it looks great on the gray background. The poem is really nice too :)
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--Due to recent cutbacks, and until further notice, the light at the end of the tunnel has been turned off--
08/08/04 3:01 AM GMT
Oh boy I like this. I especially like the use you have put the "negative space" to. Very brilliant idea. (notice the play on words there?) Deserves a 10 in my book, keep up the excellent work.
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09/25/04 6:13 PM GMT
your choice of poetry and the clearness of the leaf makes this a ten.....very beautiful
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Ange "Out of the flames..from the ash..I will arise...Phoenix"
10/08/04 6:05 PM GMT
robert frost beautful :)
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it wouldn't be who it was, if it wasn't who it is
10/22/04 12:22 AM GMT
A fine picture and a GREAT message to life. Nice the two together.
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11/08/04 3:40 AM GMT
I guess I'm not a big fan of poems combined with wallpapers/art. Nice going with the leaf though. :)
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The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible. - Arthur C. Clarke, "Technology and the Future"
02/08/06 11:12 PM GMT
Such a beautiful entry. The poem fits perfectly. The leaf looks transient as I'm sure you meant it to. A lovley piece of work.
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We choose our joys and our sorrows long before we experience them. Kahlil Gibran
04/04/06 6:41 AM GMT
i love frost. pretty.
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Much love, Ang
10/21/07 5:19 AM GMT
Very nice poem,the poem says it all.
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