Alpine Lake 2  

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Uploaded: 06/19/04 8:45 AM GMT
Alpine Lake 2
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A second try at the water/mountain/sun terragen render... with all settings turned way up (thanks Mary!) and the clouds smoothed up a bit in Photoshop.


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06/19/04 4:51 PM GMT
Excellent...saw the thumbnail and thought what a gorgeous photograph. Either way it deserves top marks for a job well done:-)
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06/20/04 8:06 PM GMT
Agree, I love this...
I agree with Darryl, I thought it was a photo.
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07/02/04 5:17 AM GMT
I did too...even though I was looking in computer->landscape. Only thing that kinda bothers me is that one dark grey clouds among all of the others...other than that, nice job.
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09/08/04 2:19 AM GMT
An absolutely heavenly image. Almost looks like the preparation for Jesus's return. Thanks.
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10/15/04 7:30 PM GMT
Great work! Wish I could see a bit more detail on the mountains though!
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08/10/05 12:18 AM GMT
great job man, that is an amazing picture :D
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08/23/05 12:24 AM GMT
i love terragens with sun beams. this has to be one of the most beautiful terragens ive seen. keep up the good work!
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02/01/06 10:15 PM GMT
Beautiful, it can almost pass for real :) I really like the way the clouds have the wind contour kinda filter applied... Nice effect!

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