Apollo 11 - Earthrise  

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Uploaded: 07/24/04 7:22 AM GMT
Apollo 11 - Earthrise
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All of the apollo 11 film was digitized and released just this week, and the photos are just incredible. I cropped a few of them down to desktop size -- Credit goes to NASA and the image is in the public domain. See the entire collection at


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07/24/04 9:55 AM GMT
I'm pretty sure this was the photo I used for "Moonwalk". Funny how many comments I got saying that the earth didn't look realistic...
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-Everyone is entitled to my opinion-
07/24/04 11:57 AM GMT
it's shots like these that really blow holes in the very sad X files wannabees they didnt really go there conspiracy theories. prior to this no one had ever seen the earth from that perspective or distance and wouldnt really have any clue how it would appear. it's a classic shot from a great period in human history. thanks for posting it.
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07/24/04 4:45 PM GMT
Thanks for uploading this.
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Cheers. It's kileychristine!
01/04/05 11:29 AM GMT
Wow this is cool. Suprisingly good quality from all those years ago.
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05/24/05 5:58 AM GMT
wow, this is just surreal... thanks a lot
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08/10/07 1:09 AM GMT
wow, well done! :)
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