Shadows of the Past  

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Uploaded: 01/09/13 1:41 AM GMT
Shadows of the Past
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This is a Conestoga wagon. --- "The Conestoga wagon is a heavy covered wagon, that was used extensively during the late 18th century and the 19th century in the United States and Canada. It was drawn by horses, mules or oxen. It was designed to help keep its contents from moving about when in motion and to aid it in crossing rivers and streams. The Conestoga wagon was cleverly built. Its floor curved upward to prevent the contents from tipping and shifting. Also for protection against bad weather, stretched across the wagon was a tough, white canvas cover. The frame and suspension were made of wood, while the wheels were often iron-rimmed for greater durability. The Conestoga wagon was used for many types of travel including passage to California during the California gold rush"(source - wikipedia) --- I photographed this in Wisconsin several years ago and edited and converted it to B&W for the contest and LE's B&W challenge. All comments and critiques appreciated.


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01/09/13 2:08 AM GMT
Does this mean there is some old-school RV-ing in your future? A good b/w presentation of the scene. Nice lighting, details and textures in the photo.
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01/09/13 2:30 AM GMT
Great B&W challenge entry , and shadows contest entry Kathy .
I love the subject matter and the textures are wonderful . Well done & Good Luck !
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01/09/13 2:50 AM GMT
What a terrific posting, and perfect for the challenge.
Tigs♥ =^..^=
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01/09/13 4:52 AM GMT
Every summer a group of Conestoga wagons travel through my area. There are about 25 of them & it's a sight to see. The B & W is perfect ... excellent detail & lighting too. A good choice for the B & W challenge. Very well done, Kathy.
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01/09/13 3:02 PM GMT
Old age carrier still looking strong . A very nice detail description of the same is an addition to the good photograph.....Bijan
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01/10/13 12:30 AM GMT
That is my preferred mode of transportation. LOL. Excellent work, Kathy.
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01/10/13 2:18 AM GMT
Kathy - A well-designed vehicle that was very uncomfortable for travel. Excellent capture. Thad
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01/10/13 11:41 AM GMT
Nice work Kathy and the narrative is very interesting.
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01/13/13 2:27 PM GMT
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01/17/13 6:09 AM GMT
Wagon's Ho, wonderful old covered wagon and capture
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03/12/13 5:07 AM GMT
Hello Kathy....This is a fine closeup showing plenty of detail in this old wagon....I love the history behind this old form of transport,very interesting....Well done....All the very best to you Kathy..........Mick.
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