TS 82  

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Uploaded: 05/14/10 10:30 PM GMT
TS 82
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Hello! All, here's some of my latest CG artwork. Hope you all enjoy and your comments and crtiques is always welcome.


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05/14/10 10:36 PM GMT
It is very nicely done,very good picture,the different colors are very good too.
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05/15/10 1:22 AM GMT
Man...this one is sooooooooooooo cool! Favs!
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05/15/10 1:45 AM GMT
Your so darn talented, I know I have said this beforek but, I do mean it. ♪ ♫ :)Sandi♪ =^..^=

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05/15/10 4:52 AM GMT
One more from the master great work Big C.

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05/15/10 10:02 AM GMT
Fantastic Work!!!
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05/15/10 1:38 PM GMT
Awesome work yet again. Really a masterful work of art.

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05/15/10 1:57 PM GMT
What a Lovely picture colors and subject well done.

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05/16/10 4:56 PM GMT
Good work, the hat is nice. I like the expression on the subject.
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05/20/10 6:42 AM GMT
Very very lovely art work. Love the softness and the colour tones. I'd love to see her without a hat. You did the hair just beautifully. Verena
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05/25/10 9:52 PM GMT
Truly exceptional work, Big C!! I love the addition of the hat, and all the intricate details within it, as well as the fine details on her blouse! Each highlight on the beads and her very well done! I also love here concentrated look! Faved + saved to enjoy longer.
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