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Uploaded: 12/30/11 2:44 PM GMT
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Hello! all, one of my artwork "Beach Horse Riding" has been flag and removed. I got a pm from someone in the Caede community I guess it must be a moderate saying that I need to specify where I got the moon from and needed to included in my post. Which I should have but just been too busy lately with the year ending. And they are right! I have been looking at Google image for some moon photos to get a better perspective and guidance. This is my version of the moon using those pictures as a guidance which I guess it is still would be copyright, so I do apoligize for that. All my artwork here I'm just doing it for hobbies and they are not for sale and they are not qualify to be for sale. LOL!!! I thought I should share this, this will be my last post here in Caedes. All of you guys has been a great friends from online in the art communities. If you like my artworks and what I do feel free to add me on facebook/tswbstudio for more of my work, thank you and have a happy New Years.


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12/30/11 2:52 PM GMT
I'm so sad to see you leave, but thank goodness we are friends on fb. I wish you would re-consider your illustrations are true perfection. I wish you the best in the coming year. Happy New Year! Tigs♥ =^..^=
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Nature in all her glory is my uplift on life and so is my love of photography. sandi ♪ ♫
12/30/11 6:12 PM GMT
One could then take the inquiry that was made on your "Beach Horse Riding" piece.. as a compliment.

As it did and does have a very photographic quality to it.

And your image was not removed, per se.. it was placed in 'limbo' till we heard back from you.

However, I guess this is your response.. as I've not received a PM from you.

And with that said..

Best wishes to you in your art endeavours. And but of course.. have a happy New Years. Sincerely.
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12/30/11 7:05 PM GMT
Interesting experience Doug as I have posted several images that have incorporated images that I found in the Google search window and they were not flagged so why yours was remains a mystery to me:) Having said that, I do appreciate how Les explained it here and of course I will miss your wonderful creative pieces as well. Happy days:):)
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12/31/11 3:16 PM GMT
To many people leave Caedes for the wrong reasons. I will miss your art my friend and will wait for your return. Thank you for some of the best quality photos found on Caedes. I wish I could say more. You will be missed.


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12/31/11 6:15 PM GMT
Best of luck to you and your endeavours, Big C.... You do outstanding work...Happy New Year...
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