Sea Turtle Painting  

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Uploaded: 08/16/05 3:19 AM GMT
Sea Turtle Painting
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I got permission from ezulwinkid to use his photo of this seaturtle as a model for my acrylic oil canvas painting. I dont know if he will ever see this..but here it is. I did make some changes as far adding the seaweed.. I tried to add a bit of interest, other than the turtle of course. I was commissioned to do a painting of sea turtle and this one was just perfect for the job. It is the first painting where I have painted an animal, I usually only paint sunsets//scenery//flowers. But thank you ezulwinkid...thanx a ton!!And thanx to photoimagery for the great framing job. I didnt know what Gallery to put this in...since there isnt one for I figured animals would do..


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08/16/05 10:20 AM GMT
Not bad at all! I would love to see the photo too:-)
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08/16/05 1:45 PM GMT
Very nice.. You ARE multi-talented. Your painting is very, very good and the photograph of it lovely..
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One bead at a time..
08/16/05 8:39 PM GMT
I like this alot too.Nice choise of colors.They style you have on the brush strokes is so nice.
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08/17/05 1:50 AM GMT
I love the colors.
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08/17/05 5:47 PM GMT
Beautiful painting, Verena!
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08/27/05 1:53 PM GMT
Hi Verena
I'm glad you decided to display your painting on Caedes:-) I have seen it before you emailed it to me remember? Anyway well done!


PS: I'm a "she" not a "he" :-))
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09/16/05 1:09 AM GMT
This is beautiful! I don't even think I've used beautiful to describe any image on the site yet! This is so nice! Such nice detail and colors, the framing is nice also! SO GOOD! This is going into my favorites! Oh, and in the random voting thing, I gave it a 10 and I can't believe this has a 19 C-Index, people don't know what they were voting on! Nice job!
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10/03/05 9:21 PM GMT
So pretty, I think I'll be placing this into my favorites!
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10/13/05 4:59 AM GMT
Wow, this would look great on my wall Verena. A favourite and I love the colors and that hint of sunshine on the shell which gives this that extra warmth. Thanks:-)
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03/26/06 7:41 PM GMT
really nice,the colors and imagen.Congratulations.I like the beauty.
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03/28/06 7:22 PM GMT
(jaw drops).....whoa! That is so cool, I love it! You are so is just amazing. Great job and high marks from me.
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Carpe Diem and take those photos!
10/18/09 5:01 AM GMT
WOW! Nice palette you have used there Verena, such lovely colours.
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