For Mark(Sasraku) to Make Him Smile Thru his Pain!!!  

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Uploaded: 05/26/10 1:54 AM GMT
For Mark(Sasraku) to Make Him Smile Thru his Pain!!!
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This is a canvas painting I did not long ago, and I'd like to dedicate this to Mark (sasraku) to give him some incentive to look at that will make him feel happy and looking forward to the time he will have gone thru his operation for his painful back, and will be able to go take a great trip to the Bahamas!! heeheehee! ~~~~~~Put this on your desktop Mark and let it inspire you to know your pain will be over soon and you will be better then new!! ~~~~Enjoy! this ones specially for you~~~~~(well I hope everyone else enjoys it too!)


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05/26/10 2:06 AM GMT
Beautiful painting Miss V..You talents still amaze me. Very nice sentiment and I'm sure it would make me feel a lot better.
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05/26/10 2:40 AM GMT
Gorgeous Verena! My mouth dropped and then it took my breath away! Now you stop that! painting girl!
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05/26/10 4:26 AM GMT
Well, I'm sure enjoying it< so thanks for sharing.

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05/26/10 5:53 AM GMT
Lakes below the mountain
Flow into the sea
Like oils applied to canvas
Oh how they permeate through me

But there's this one particular harbor
Sheltered from the wind
Where the children play on the shore each day
And all are safe within

A most mysterious calling harbor
So far but yet so near
Where I can see the day when my hair's full gray
And I finally disappear

Jimmy Buffett,
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05/26/10 8:58 AM GMT
What a warm and happy place!! Outstanding works!!
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Why do the pictures come out square when the lens is round??
05/26/10 9:58 AM GMT
Very nice presentation, Bloo...All the best to Mark...
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05/26/10 12:09 AM GMT
It is very nice,the colors are very nice too,Verena,nice thought.
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05/26/10 12:59 AM GMT
Wonderful presentation!excellent work!!
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05/26/10 1:14 PM GMT
This is a wonderful painting. Great colours.
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05/26/10 2:18 PM GMT
Cool painting, Verena. That sure is a fiery red tropical sunset. I didn't know Mark was having back problems...all my best to him.
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05/26/10 3:14 PM GMT
So sweet and thoughtful V! You are very talented milady.
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Everything has its beauty but not everyone sees it. -Confucius
05/26/10 4:26 PM GMT
Your an amazing artist , faved :)
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05/26/10 5:25 PM GMT
Thanks m8, that meant so much to me xxxxxxx.
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05/26/10 6:21 PM GMT
Very Beautiful and Gorgeous painting,Verena..Faved.
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05/26/10 10:16 PM GMT
Nice gesture Verena.
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05/26/10 10:48 PM GMT
Lovely dedication to Mark and great colours
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Happy May Everyone
05/27/10 6:04 AM GMT
Made me feel good - hope it did for Mark too!
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05/27/10 1:15 PM GMT
There needs to be a new category for this one called favorite favorites.
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some pictures say a thousand words... others speak silently to the soul
05/31/10 10:49 PM GMT
Another of your fabulous paintings Verena. Beautiful colours, love the warm tones of the setting sun. Fantastic job!!!
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It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see ~ Henry David Thoreau
06/05/10 4:39 AM GMT
Great work from a very gifted artist. Wonderful painting Verena, I just love it.
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06/20/10 3:12 AM GMT
It is great to see a quality painting. Great work.
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