Message in a Bottle  

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Uploaded: 02/08/07 4:40 PM GMT
Message in a Bottle
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Message in a Bottle ---------------------- Just a castaway An island lost at sea Another lonely day With no one here but me More loneliness Than any man could bear Rescue me before I fall into despair ... Walked out this morning Don't believe what I saw A hundred billion bottles Washed up on the shore Seems I'm not alone at being alone A hundred billion casatways Looking for a home I'll send an SOS to the world I'll send an SOS to the world I hope that someone gets my Message in a bottle ----------------------- more at


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02/08/07 5:19 PM GMT
Another good one! I like how you have the clouds lining up and the breezy tree...Great job!
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02/08/07 5:48 PM GMT
I like her hair blowing in the breeze.
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02/08/07 8:13 PM GMT
I love how the "cartoons" coming from Vladstudio have extra meanings that give a little twist (or a big enhancement) to the obvious subject. In this case all the bottles bobbing in the sea, presumably all with an "SOS" message, speak to Life, yes?
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02/09/07 12:59 AM GMT
Great visual on a great tune, my friend.


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02/10/07 1:30 AM GMT
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02/10/07 1:30 AM GMT
another great on vlad, love the poem thing 2
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When I got tired of running from you I stopped right there to catch my breath There your words they caught my ears You said, “I miss you son. Come home” -Relient K
02/10/07 1:31 AM GMT the cartoon look too
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When I got tired of running from you I stopped right there to catch my breath There your words they caught my ears You said, “I miss you son. Come home” -Relient K
02/10/07 5:46 PM GMT
I agree with sharonva. This is a great image as yours always seem to be. It is sad, too, of course.

It suggests to me: one person (like all the others) longing for company, for help and reaching out, but ignoring the reachings out of others - a desire for help from others, but either a failure to notice others' need for help or an unwillingness/inability to give it. Or it might be suggesting that each person needs others, needs help and company, but that people cannot ever really know and help each other so all are reaching out in vain. I hope it is the first, of course, because that at least offers some hope!

It is interesting how the clouds reflect the them of isolated individuals, but are not bothered by it and, indeed, seem able to meet each other and interact despite - or maybe because of - their inability to put messages in bottles.

I also might be misreading this one entirely. .

Excellent job. The colours are just right for this, too.

- cfr
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04/25/07 4:08 AM GMT
Absolutely Marvelous!
Just.... Need.... Stretch.... Fit.... Desktop....!
Looking forward to perusing you're gallery.
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quis custodes ipsos custodient
06/14/07 3:42 PM GMT
I love this. It is definitely awe inspiring. We all have SOSes in our lives and no one ever seems to have the answers.
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Angelle "Words are like crayons and paints. The only difference is you have to work harder to see their colors.
10/08/07 4:57 PM GMT
Straight into my favorites and my background folder. I like the mood this one gives. It's almost like it should be winter. It looks cold, and the wind should be blowing hard w/ gusts coming here and there. You can hear the wind blowing yet it is still strangely quiet. Makes you feel like there are a million questions to be asked that offer no answers.

I really like this. Keep it up.
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10/31/07 8:54 PM GMT
love your artwork, thank you for sharing
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12/05/07 12:20 AM GMT
You're trapped on an island, all by yourself, with nobody else. You send multiple SOSs for help, so many that the messages seem to cover the whole ocean, yet not a single passing ship ever sees or they just ignore your cries for help. And inside you just feel cold and dark, like the wind will never stop blowing...

I think I'm the only one who truly understood this picture. Amazing work, I love everything that you do.
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02/10/08 3:43 PM GMT
Awesome work!
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