They Stole The Moon (Version 2008)  

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Uploaded: 04/04/08 5:20 PM GMT
They Stole The Moon (Version 2008)
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Long ago, when I was young kid, I made a wallpaper called They Stole The Moon ( ). I am still the kid :-) but not as young, and I wanted to re-make it with my (hopefully) improved Photoshop skills. To my surprise, it turned out to be completely different wallpaper, but maybe that's better! All done in Photoshop, including curved background (made with Wacom tablet). View: Send as e-card to a friend: Thanks for viewing!


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04/04/08 5:52 PM GMT
Whenever I see one of your pieces, I always put it to full screen, just to take a look at the detail you put into your backgrounds. And then I get hooked on the whimsical view of life you portray...and download the pic...and put it on my desktop...and get no work done...and...
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"The lyf so short, the craft so long to lerne, Thassay so hard, so sharp the conquering..." Chaucer
04/04/08 5:57 PM GMT
i agree with sharonova! total respect and kudos for all your artwork, not just this one!
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04/04/08 7:13 PM GMT
I always really like your subjects. They're so creative and interesting and executed in such a beautiful way.
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04/04/08 7:31 PM GMT
Yet another keeper. You're always so creative and I envy your talent with the pen tool!

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04/04/08 8:03 PM GMT
This is really impressive. I love the detail you put in there you can see when you view full. A great piece of work.

Ian :)
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04/04/08 8:42 PM GMT
What they said! Great work!
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What ever happened to the good ol' days?
04/04/08 9:50 PM GMT
Another of yours that goes straight to my faves! I especially like the ski masks, great touch. Thanks for sharing... carissa :D
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04/04/08 10:35 PM GMT
Faved and I agree that your work is outstanding. So much effort is put into all your finished work and is done like a pro.
♫ :)sandi ♪
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Nature in all her glory is my uplift on life.
04/04/08 11:13 PM GMT
~whips out the Springfield Armory XD-45 and prepares to shoot the perps~

But, they're soooo cute!!


A mystical journey as you wonder where they're takin' the moon!! A+
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Why do the pictures come out square when the lens is round?? Picture Purrrfect .
04/04/08 11:41 PM GMT
Hey...good job! You have such clever ideas :) Thanks for sharing...looking forward to seeing more!
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04/05/08 3:34 AM GMT
thank you very much for all comments, I really appreciate them :-)
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04/05/08 5:04 AM GMT
Nicely done,very good and cute picture.
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04/05/08 9:12 AM GMT
So these little thieves stole the moon out of the sky?! And ran off with it...little stinkers they are! I love all the little sparkly things you put around each star and those masks are so cute. I tell you, my friend, I can sit and ponder over each of your creations for a long time. They make me smile, think, and just sigh with wonder. Thank you so so very much. Verena
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My Part is to Improve the Present Moment.
04/05/08 1:01 PM GMT
Awww... if they could steal a few clouds in England...
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Which of the favours of your Lord will you deny?
04/05/08 5:40 PM GMT
Lovely and Cute and Very Impressive work..Thank you.Love all of
your works so much..
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04/06/08 1:42 AM GMT
This looks wonderful! Quite an imagination.

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Darkest of die and then restart
04/06/08 12:39 AM GMT
Excellent again...Faved!
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04/09/08 4:46 AM GMT
Oh so cute--- Great work!!-~ALLEE~
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04/09/08 5:41 AM GMT
So endearing! I love your whimsical work. It's a pleasure to view. You have wonderful skills. + faves
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04/09/08 7:19 PM GMT
Love it!! I love all of your desktops.....Thank You
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04/09/08 7:37 PM GMT
That is so cool
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04/09/08 9:25 PM GMT
very nice!
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04/10/08 2:38 AM GMT
That is so cute. :) Favs Sarah
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Hi I'm Sarah. My motto is if you like cats, you can't be ALL bad. :)
04/10/08 7:53 AM GMT
Too funny...great job.
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04/10/08 10:27 AM GMT
I like the tribal art quality of the original. But these are some of my favorite characters. Nice to see them return.
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04/10/08 6:08 PM GMT
great work. love this style, playful and fun. keeper !
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04/12/08 4:12 AM GMT
Oh, my goodness!! This was so adorable--I had to fave it!!
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"average is the best of the worst, at the worst of the best."
04/12/08 5:07 PM GMT
Brings me back to my childhood days, curled up with a good book. Wonderful and adorable image, a definite fave.
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04/12/08 6:27 PM GMT
I love it!
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04/13/08 5:15 PM GMT
very uncommon..!!
very unique..!!
really outstanding..!!
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04/19/08 6:44 AM GMT
Next series of wallpapers: 101 uses for a stolen satellite.
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-Everyone is entitled to my opinion-
04/19/08 10:04 PM GMT
the attention to detail is stunning. my favorite part is the footprints!
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Have I thought long to see this morning's face, and doth it give me such a sight as this?
06/04/08 6:35 AM GMT
I think this one may be my favourite, it has just the right amounts of magic and mischief:)
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10/15/08 10:26 AM GMT
Lovely detail
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11/25/08 9:30 PM GMT
I'm a big fan, and regular visitor to your site. Love the texture you gave. Your art is so whimsical and fun to look at.
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12/30/08 3:09 AM GMT
You should illustrate kiddie stories. Your artwork is so magical and whimsical, and always brings out my inner child.
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04/21/09 4:27 PM GMT
love it .
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07/02/09 3:34 AM GMT
This one is so imaginative and cute, as all of your stuff is. Me and my wife have been looking at you entire gallery and are so smitten by your work. God has given you a wonderful gift so be thankful and keep it going!! Thanks, Bruce and Sue
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07/23/09 3:30 PM GMT
this is so cute! i love the ider! I think i like the other version on your website slightly better, but this one is great also.
Thanks for sharing! =D
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"Never will the heart be satisfied that seeks not God"
07/23/09 3:31 PM GMT
oops! sorry, i realized i accidentally posted this twice! :-O
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"Never will the heart be satisfied that seeks not God"

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